What is Youth of Unity?

The Youth of Unity (YOU) is an international youth group for teens ages 14-18 (grades 9-12). The purpose of YOU is to encourage and assist in the spiritual growth of all young people who are seeking to express the indwelling Christ in accordance with the principles of practical Christianity as taught and interpreted by Unity Worldwide Ministries. YOU provides youth the opportunity to explore Unity's principles and other truth teachings and to demonstrate these in their daily lives.

Unity Northwest Region's YOU Experiences

Unity Northwest Region offers 3 unique experiences for YOUers in the northwest region. Click on the links to learn more.

YOU Rally - 3 days in spring

YOU Rendezvous - 4 days in summer

YOU Retreat - 4 days in fall

How do I get involved?

Any Unity ministry or study group affiliated with Unity Worldwide Ministries may facilitate an active YOU group. Your local Unity center may have a YOU group or you can help start one. Find a Unity Center

Currently, the active YOU groups are in:

• Bozeman, MT

• Eugene, OR

• Portland, OR

• Bellevue, WA

• Lynnwood, WA

• North Spokane, WA

• Olympia, WA

• Seattle, WA

• Spokane, WA

• Tacoma, WA

• Vancouver, WA

• Vancouver, BC

What is an active YOU group?

A YOU group typically meets on a weekly basis, usually Sunday morning. Youth discuss and learn a variety of spiritual teachings, attend social gatherings, and become involved in their church and community. Teen officers, or a leadership team, are often elected to help plan for the local group.

Regional YOU Consultant

Click on the link above to learn more about your Regional YOU Consultant