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Fall Unitreat


Virtual Fall Unitreat 2020:

'What Do You Stand For?"
Explore Strengths, What superhero are you?
Listen & Talk with Friends, Listen within.



Friday 11/6:  7:00am - 9:30pm - Family Time & Campfire

Saturday 11/7- 10:00am - 12:30pm Family Time - Break

Saturday 11/7 - 2:00pm - 5:30pm - Break

Saturday 11/7 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm campfire & Spirit Share

Sunday 11/8 - 12:30pm - 3:00pm Family Time & Closing



Love Offering (suggestion $20/person) 





In Love and Service,
Chris Castaldi

About Fall Unitreat:

The focus is in experiencing our journey using the Cispus Challenge Course (a ropes course) and Unity-based curriculum. One of the challenges in life is in remembrance of and engaging God within and all around. The challenge course, with its emphasis on group problem solving, collaboration, approaching conundrums and conflict while stepping into one’s growth zone provides a unique opportunity for supporting growth, awareness, & self responsibility to all connections we experience in life.

Camp Cispus is a beautiful outdoor setting. It provides an excellent space for games, meditation, small group discussions, and
campfire circles.
We want to stress that Unitreat is a spiritual adventure - a quest, an opportunity to experience aspects of our God selves as an emerging teen. This requires a willingness to focus our energies, to honor and celebrate the differences we find in each other, and to actively seek the divine connection. We ask that those who choose to come to retreat do so with the intention of exploring their inner space and discovering their unique expression of the Christ.


A look at a past Fall Unitreat:

In 2017, forty Uniteens and their sponsors gathered at Cispus Learning Center to learn, grow and celebrate within the theme “What Do You Stand For?”

This weekend retreat offered experiential activities, reflection and service to facilitate exploration of one’s Spiritual gifts, strengths and talents. Everyone built a box to literally stand upon and claim that which they saw within themselves as well as the Virtues & Values their retreat family members experienced coming from them.

Our service project was building birdhouses to Audubon’s specifications to safely bless the winged ones. These birdhouses went home to the eight churches represented at retreat. The Uniteens are in charge of completing their service by donating them into the community.

Everyone departed for home with new friends & connections. Our hope & prayer is for this retreat to strengthen the Uniteen-connections both at within their home church and the NW region.

This writing would not be complete without my expression of gratitude for the Uniteens and their parents and churches who support them. Deep gratitude for the adults who served the youth both during this retreat and at their home church. Widening this gratitude circle I include those who contributed to this retreat with supplies and expertise, and opening further I give thanks to the Leadership of our local churches & the NW Regional Board of Trustees for supporting the Uniteen programs & events. Thank you to Unity Worldwide Ministries and the support of thousands within the Unity movement.

And I will never forget the Love of All the Universe including the Whirlpool galaxy, the Ring galaxy and the Fireworks galaxy, our families while at Unitreat!

Please offer any feedback, questions and comments through this website.

In Love and Service
Chris Castaldi
UWM, NW Region Uniteen Consultant