A positive path for spiritual living

NW Region Youth Services Team

The purpose of the Northwest Unity Youth Services Team is to call forth God in all by nurturing a spiritual culture of love and acceptance through enriching experiences; which supports and empowers current leadership and cultivates emerging leaders within youth and family ministry.

What We Create:
  • Multigenerational Adult & Youth Events
  • Enriching Experiences
  • Service Opportunities
  • Personal Connections
  • Peer Mentoring Opportunities
  • Thriving Programs and Environment
  • Active, Enthusiastic Participation
  • Creative Collaboration
  • Clear Communication
  • Trustworthy Actions



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Youth Services Team: Rev. Rich Broderhausen, Marelu Greco, 
Rev. Philip Zemke, 
Jennie Willingham, Nick Muncie-Jarvis, LUT, 
Michelle Fokos,and  Chris Castaldi. 
Not Pictured: Rev. Jackie Green and Pete DiSantis, .