A positive path for spiritual living

NW Region Youth Services Team

The purpose of the Northwest Unity Youth Services Team is to call forth God in all by nurturing a spiritual culture of love and acceptance through enriching experiences; which supports and empowers current leadership and cultivates emerging leaders within youth and family ministry.

What We Create:
  • Multigenerational Adult & Youth Events
  • Enriching Experiences
  • Service Opportunities
  • Personal Connections
  • Peer Mentoring Opportunities
  • Thriving Programs and Environment
  • Active, Enthusiastic Participation
  • Creative Collaboration
  • Clear Communication
  • Trustworthy Actions


Current Youth Services Team: Youth Services Team: Chris Castaldi, Nick Muncie-Jarvis, Rev. Philip Zemke, Marilee Payne, Ginger Landree, and Heidi Nathe.


The Youth Service Team is accepting team member applications for the Youth Ministry Director position. This position is open to people that are actively engaged in a Unity Center as the Youth Ministry Director. Youth Service Team members plan the annual Youth Team Conference held each January and advise on proposed regional youth policies and procedures, when needed. There is more information about the Youth Service Team in the attached application. The new application deadline is Wednesday, May 27th. Please click here to download the application form. Please contact Nick Muncie-Jarvis if you have any questions.