A positive path for spiritual living

Youth of Unity Rendezvous

Northwest Region Youth of Unity

13th Annual


July 20th - 23rd

Saturday - Tuesday


YOU Rendezvous is a 3-night 4-day communion with Spirit. Daily activities include large group workshops, small group discussions, singing, meditation, dancing, prayer and vespers. Our Mission is to facilitate an open and loving space where people can explore their spirituality by cultivating self-love and connection with the Universe.
HOSTS: The Northwest Regional Youth of Unity Leadership Team
Aidan Dona Jordan Little-Reece
Co-representatives 2018-2019
Antheny Chhay Danika Buck
Co-representatives 2019-2020
Eligibility age requirement to attend:
YOUer must be at least 14 years old [or in ninth grade] & no more than 18 years old [or high school senior] exceptions for regional officers. Participants attend the entire weekend experience from beginning to end. They are active members in their YOU group who have demonstrated maturity, self-discipline & self-responsibility. Rendezvous is for people who have a sincere desire to learn more about Truth and are willing and able to contribute by actively participating in Rendezvous activities. It is recommended that those attending Rendezvous have attended at least 4 chapter meetings in the last 3 months.
ADULTS must send a copy of their back-ground check with registration.
To Register send the following to:
Nick Muncie-Jarvis, 6820 SE 83rd Ave, Portland, OR 97266
  • List of attendees from your chapter
  • Medical/Liability Release Form for each person
  • Heart Agreement Form for each person
  • 1 check for the chapter @ $215 each person. $190 each if postmarked by June 30th [If cancel $50 retained]
For t-shirt order & dietary restrictions contact Nick with number of shirts & sizes by June 30th.