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Your Representatives

Regional Representative

The Regional Representative serves as the liaison between Unity Worldwide Ministries, the Region they represent, and the ministries within that Region. Within the Region, the Regional Representative serves ministries, ministers and spiritual leaders.

Click here to contact our Regional Representative, Rev. Cheryl Rohret.


Judicatory Representative

The Regional Judicatory Representative responds to allegations of ethical violations made against credentialed leaders or ministries. Judicatory Representatives are a component team of the Ethic Review System. The purpose of the Ethics Review System is to provide compassionate adjudication, as needed, and to provide aid in the healthy transformation of credentialed Unity leaders and affiliated ministries. 

In addition, the Judicatory Representatives conduct the initial interviews for ministers who require Clearance for Employment in a Unity ministry.

Click here to contact our Judicatory Representative, Rev. David Elliott.