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Y.O.U. Consultant Position Information

Dear NW Region,
The Board is grateful for the many years of Jackie’s service to the highest good of the young folks of our region. Having grown up through Kids Camp and YOU in this region, I have long been a beneficiary of Jackie’s kind and graceful presence.
We are currently gathering a team to vision what and who the future might hold for youth ministry in our region. We are committed to a mindful and consistent transition process for our YOUers that will allow Jackie to share her wisdom with whomever may be the next person in the role.
In the next couple months, you will be hearing more from us about this transition. Several people have already shown an interest, and we will be sharing the job description and application process with you when we have them available.
If you have questions or ideas, feel free to contact me at NWunitychair@gmail.com.
In service,
Rachel Simpson, Unity NW region board Chair
Please read Jackie's letter below
To Unity Worldwide Ministries NW Region
My heart is grateful beyond measure for the opportunity to grow along with our Unity young people over all these 40 years. People ask me “Are you still doing the same thing?” I say “my title has not changed but Y.O.U. is evolving so I have changed. I continue to be stretched.
Each year our regional Board of Trustees asks about my commitment to my role as our NW Youth Of Unity Consultant. My response has always been “I love my job and want to continue as long as you are willing to entrust me with our young people.” This year I added to that message that I am prepared to release my role when they decide who, when and how. Your prayerful support and intention for a smooth loving process assures our young people that all is well in their world.
Y.O.U. events are youth created and led with adult support and guidance. The evolution of the young people we call YOUers is mind boggling and heart opening to me. They are visionaries who want to transform the world and themselves. The dedicated adults who support them are amazing Lights. Teen leaders invite their younger peers into leadership roles and challenge all of us to explore and develop new patterns of showing up in our world.
When asked after a Y.O.U. event “How did it go?” I always say “Continuing in the tradition of the NW Y.O.U. it was the best one.” I am knowing that the person who next steps into the role of NW Y.O.U. Consultant will be the best continuing in the tradition of evolving along with the teens.
Blessed and honored with faithful trust, affirming words and heartfelt love.
Jackie Green 9/25/18