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Keepers of the Light
As part of our NW Region Prosperity we have Keepers of the Light, volunteers in Churches and Centers throughout the Region who hold the "high watch" of prosperity for their church and the NW Region as a whole. The following is the message which is send to the Keepers each week.

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AFFIRMATION:The Spirit of God moves through me as Divine ideas; I am abundantly prospered. (Please say for yourself, your church, your Region and the world.)

AFFIRMATION: THE SPIRIT OF GOD MOVES THROUGH ME AS DIVINE IDEAS; I AM ABUNDANTLY PROSPERED. (please also say for your church, your Region, and the world at large).

Every year we have a mama and papa bird build a nest on a light by our front door. Every year we rejoice in new eggs and eventually new babies. Our babies hatched about a week or so ago and now have their feathers and it is time to leave the nest.

Yesterday when I came home from errands, I put my car in the garage and left the overhead door open. Later in the afternoon we noticed that all 5 babies were sitting in our garage on an electrical cord to the light on the ceiling right over my car. As they had been sitting there for hours, they have a done a wonderful job of decorating my car, but it needed washing anyhow, so no big deal.

We watched all evening as Mom and Dad did their best to get those babies out of the garage. But no way, they clung tightly to the cord and huddled together. This morning when I got up and checked -- sure enough the babies were still there (we left the door open all night). So then I decided it was time to ask for help for Mom and Dad, and I invited the Angels in to assist Mom and Dad, and within less than 10 minutes all of the babies were sitting on the top of our fence. Thought number one: ask the Angels for help. There are always Angels waiting for our invitations to help. They never let me down, and they will help you also.

So now the babies are sitting on the fence. They aren't in the garage, but they are still scared to death to go any further, even back to the nest which is only 10 or 12 feet from the fence. As I watched Mom and Dad came flying in and gave them something to eat and then they would fly at them and bump them, trying to get them to let go of the fence and trust that they could fly. Thought number two: aren't we like those baby birds? we hang on so tightly to whatever purchase spot we have in this world, afraid to let go and trust that we have wings to fly. So the Universe has to give us a loving push from time to time to help us let go and so we can learn that we do have wings and that we can indeed fly.

Last time I looked the babies were all off the fence. A loving parent's "push" finally got them trusting in their own abilities.

Peace and Blessings, Georgie Richardson, Minister Unity of Salem, Oregon