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New Y.O.U. Consultant for NW Region

Announcing Our New Youth of Unity Consultant
Dear Unity Leaders and Friends,
Our beloved Rev. Jackie Green announced in September that in 2019 she would relinquish her position as Youth oUnity Consultant for the Northwest Region of Unity Worldwide Ministries. Jackie has served for 40 years!
For many months the Regional Board of Trustees and a team led by Chair Rev. Rachel Simpson, have worked and deliberated on how to create a smooth transition in this process. The Consultant position, because of the many different skills required, was studied, dissected, rethought, and then advertised as a two year “Interim” position. Four very qualified candidates came forward to apply. We thank those who put themselves forward for this position.
Be it known that your Board has enthusiastically endorsed the hiring of Nick Muncie-Jarvis! We have a lot of faith in you, Nick!
Nick is a Licensed Unity Teacher and has been in our Regional Youth Programs since he was 14 years old. Nick was a Northwest Youth of Unity Regional Officer from 2001 to 2002 and has kept his ties to YOU intact ever since he “aged-out”, as we say in YOU.
Nick has been a Youth of Unity Sponsor as well as consistent chaplain and “multi-media man” at YOU retreats, rallies, rendezvous, and teacher training conferences. Nick has participated with and learned from Jackie Green, and Jackie’s “best volunteer” Wayne Green, for the last 20 years as they created and maintained an extraordinary Northwest Region Youth of Unity.
Nick has also led and administrated Next Generation Unity (NGU) for many years. Nick is and has been intimately involved in and is passionate about Youth Education in our region.
Having participated in tens of youth activities with Nick over the years I have seen him at work. I can attest along with Youth of Unity sponsors and teenagers that Nick is held in high regard as very approachable, thoughtful, encouraging, inspiring, compassionate and effective. He is loved and respected by the teens.
Nick and Jackie will work together in a transition phase from March 16th to April 30th, Jackie’s last official day. They will be co-facilitating the Youth of Unity Rally April 12-14th at Cispus.
It is impossible to adequately express our appreciation for Jackie Green and Jackie’s work over these 40 years. We are in awe of her service, yet how can we argue that 40 years is not a perfect time of completion?
Jackie is passing the leadership role to Nick, a man she has mentored for 20 years beginning in his teens. Please hold in heart and mind the absolute best for Nick as he takes hold of, and for Jackie as she lets go of this very important Spiritual Sacred Service to our Regional Youth and our Region!
In behalf of Your Regional Board of Trustees,
Rev. Rich Broderhausen, Board Liaison to Youth of Unity
PS. If you wish to send personal wishes to Jackie, her mailing address is 7710 Beverly Drive, Spokane Valley, WA 99212.
A Message from Nick:
Beloved Friends in the Northwest Region,
It is with great humility, gratitude, and excitement that I accepted the honor and sacred trust of overseeing our Youth of Unity (YOU) program. As a graduate of the Northwest YOU program, I know firsthand how impactful it can be for our youth and I want to continue to create the space for deeply transformative spiritual experiences for our teens.
I strive to live by this guiding principle, laid down by our co-founder Myrtle Fillmore, “Our mission is not to entertain the children, but to call them out. To be always entertained is to be dwarfed and dependent. To be ‘called out’ is to follow the harmonious law of the soul’s unfoldment.” I find joy in seeing the greatness of our teens and gently calling that out, so it can unfold and flourish. It is my calling in life to support and empower our youth so that they can change the world for the better, in ways great and small. I am also here to support ministries in creating engaging YOU programs that support and empower our youth, and bless the community as a whole.
I had the great blessing of working alongside Rev. Jackie Green for many wonderful years. She leaves big shoes to fill and I endeavor to follow in her footsteps.
Thank you for letting me serve you.
In Love,
Nick Muncie-Jarvis, LUT