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PO Box 12798, Mill Creek, WA 98082

Phone: 206-550-2524

Uniteens Monthly Movie Night    

New for Regional Uniteens - A monthly connection space! 

We hope you will join us for the monthly Movie Night Uniteen gathering. The schedule will be posted in the Youth Events page. Registration is necessary to receive the link to our gathering space.

As with our Cispus Unitreats, please know there is a team of Uniteen sponsors supporting all of our virtual retreats. We are learning alongside many Educators the ins and outs of virtual presentation and presence. The practicing of presence is one aspect of our virtual gatherings that is no different than the practice when at Cispus Camp. We maintain a Trust Culture, Challenge-by-Choice and Respect at every Unitreat, as we do at all Uniteen events.

Registration is required for each individual movie night. Please visit our Youth Events page to locate those you wish to register for.

Register for Movie Nights

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PO Box 12798 

Mill Creek, WA 98082 

PH: 206-550-2524


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