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A message from our Board Chair

"Releasing the Shadow, Embracing the Light"
Dear Friends, 
I am sharing this information with you because it may be helpful to you and your people as we move closer to peace on this earth.
Below is a message from Shariff Abdullah, featured presenter at the 2017 Unity Convention and author of Creating A World That Works For All, and other books. His consciousness changing program, "Releasing the Shadow, Embracing the Light", is a practical tool with a spiritual foundation. It's purpose is to assist us in taking ourselves and society out of the shadows of violence, lack, "the other", and despair and into the lights of peace and security, abundance and enoughness, inclusive community, and deep fulfillment.
The program is now on line and totally modular so that you can tailor it to your individual presentation style and needs. Individuals can take it on their own also. To give us a flavor of the program Shariff is offering a free demo of Session #8available through Independence Day July 4th!
 Cost of enrollment has been significantly reduced since development costs are done. Starting July 4th, $60 taking in a group, solo $85.
 We have done it 2 times at our Center and I plan to make it available to a wider audience in September. Check out the demo below.         
 Blessings, Rev. Rich Broderhausen - Unity Center of Divine Love & Light, Spokane, WA & Chair, Northwest Region of Unity Worldwide Ministries
 Here is Shariff's message:
Greetings, I hope all is well with you.
 Because there have been some questions about how the online version of "Releasing the Shadow, Embracing the Light" (S2L) works, I have prepared a demonstration of the online version of the "Shadow to Light" program. You can access it here:
This demo will be available through Independence Day July 4th. 
I am hoping that this may help get "Shadow to Light" and the Commonway and Unity collaboration back on track. We each have roles to play. I've tried to make S2L responsive to the needs of Unity. I'm hoping that enough Unity sites respond, so that we can make S2L a reality.
 Peace, Shariff