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Licensed Unity Teachers

Licensed Unity Teachers of the NW REGION
It is that time of the year again!
Licensed Unity Teachers are reminded that Annual Reports are due by March 31 each year. Accessing the required form online is much easier with upgrades now made to the Unity Worldwide Ministries website. A fillable form can be found via the following link:
This form must be signed by a Unity Minister. If the congregation in which you are active is not led by a Unity Minster the UWM requires that you have your Annual Report signed by the Regional RepresentativeOur Regional Representative for the Northwest is Rev. Cheryl Rohret. Click here to email CherylBe sure to include your phone number so that Rev. Cheryl can call you if she has any questions about your L.U.T. activities
Update on matters raised at the 2017 NW Regional Conference
Those of you who attended the NW Region’s Annual Conference held at Unity in Lynnwood in September, 2017, will recall the discussion during the business meeting regarding the lack of membership status for LUT’s in UWM. That issue has been under discussion for a few years now without having been brought before the UWM Convention for resolution.
I am pleased to report that the Chair of the NW Regional Board, Rev Rich Broderhausen and Board Member Rev Terry Murray raised the matter with the Regional Advisory Council. The Council is one way the Region connects with the leadership of the UWM. The matter was brought to the attention of Pres/CEO Donna Johnson, who has apparently committed to seeing that the issue moves forward. I will report further on the progress of this matter following the UWM People’s Convention in June.
On behalf of all of the members of the NW Regional Board I want to express gratitude to all the LUT’s who serve our Region in so many ways.
Blessings of Peace and Love,
Connie Munro,
L.U.T. Representative on the NW Regional Board