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Letter from Board Chair Regarding Proposed Bylaw Changes

Unity Northwest Region
 April 1, 2013

Greetings again on behalf of your Board of Trustees of the NW Region!

We received a response in the form of a question to our email about the proposed By-Laws change concerning the ability for the Board to change the dates of the fiscal year.  The question was about the reasoning behind this proposal.  If one person was wondering, maybe others are, too.

In the past, when our Annual Meeting was part of a Spring Conference, it made sense to have the fiscal year end on March 1.  That way we could present final figures for the year at the conference. 

Things are changing as we are now going to try out a new time for our Annual Meeting/Conference.  In 2014, it will be at Menucha the first week of October.  The Board is considering moving to a fiscal year that coincides with the calendar year - from January through December.  Or, we may decide it would work better to have it go from September through August. 

What we are asking for in the By-Laws change is the flexibility to have our fiscal year work for us in the simplest, most efficient way, rather than us feeling bound to dates that no longer fit our situation.

I hope this is helpful as you consider this action for our Annual Meeting at Menucha on Wednesday, May 1.



Cheryl Rohret, Board Chair