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December, 2019
Dear Keepers,
Holidays are upon us. John and I have been traveling most of October and part of November. We have had wonderful times and royal treatment. We returned home with much to do. No prosperity stories were submitted.
I must admit I first responded with oh dear, what am I going to write? In meditation I heard the same message; I received when mother was having age related problems. Some of you have already heard this story. My sister and I didn’t know where my mother should be after a hospitalization. She was in a respite room in her senior living community. We were told she couldn’t go back to her apartment. Our mother wanted to go back to her apartment. My sister and I kept saying things like, this is so hard. As I meditated one morning a clear voice said, “Barbara, what would you do if it was easy?” I immediately, called my sister and told her. We need to stop saying this is so hard. And say, what would we do if it was easy. That very day as I walked out of my mother’s apartment, I saw a bulletin board. The notice on it said, if you have questions about different levels of care come to this meeting. I’m a nurse and know different levels of care. Yet, as I looked at that notice I knew I needed to go to it. When I went to the meeting about three sentences into the program the presenter said, we have a geriatric patient case manager available for assistance. Immediately, I knew that was the person we needed. The case manager was a geriatric physician, she evaluated mother and assessed she could get her back to her apartment with assistance. She developed the plan, met with the managers of all areas to enact it. We found out there were personal trainers at her facility for $2 per visit. She developed the plan with him. She gave all of us tasks. My tasks were to take mother to her apartment every time I visited; so, she would know it was still intact and the goal was to get her back into it. I was to meet with her friends and arrange for them to have mother taken to the independent dining room several times a week to eat with them and keep up her social connections. The trainer got mother strong enough to walk with a walker back and forth to the dining room and move about her apartment independently. Mother was able to live in her apartment for another year with some help. Barbara, what if it is easy? Has become a mantra in many different situations. Almost always an idea comes that makes things so much easier.
An idea came: I have been reading a small pamphlet entitled, A Prosperity Meditation by Martha Smock. Martha was an editor of Daily Word for 35 years, as a teenager attended classes taught by Charles Fillmore. Use her affirmations and a portion of her writing each month. She has written six sections.
1. “My ideas prosper me…...
I open my mind to divine inspiration as I meditate on the idea of prosperity. I am willing to let God – Ideas be revealed to me. No matter what my circumstances or need may be, I know that underlying all the prosperity I need, or desire is an idea. My prayer is to be receptive to prospering ideas. I am alert to God’s guidance that enables me to recognize prospering ideas and to use them.”
Affirmation: “I am open and receptive to new and enriching ideas. I welcome them and use them.”
(Please say it for yourself, your Unity community, Unity NW Region and One Unity) Remember prosperity isn’t just about money or getting things. It is about your life, health and relationships working well. We celebrate your prosperous being.
Please send stories. Stories enrich others lives and expand your own sense of prosperity.
Abundant Blessings,
Barbara Thorp, LUT


November 2019

Dear Keepers,

November Affirmation: “I have the faith to look beyond any appearance of lack and behold the ever-present, never-failing supply of God.”
“My prayers prosper me, for as I commune with God in the stillness of y soul. I find myself on a rich path. My inward journey into God’s presence prepares me for a successful journey in life.”
From Martha Smock’s Prosperity Meditation
I am honored to share chaplain Janet’s amazing story. When I retired (or as I like to say rewired) in 2016, one of my dreams was to do international aid work using my talents and skills. I had also included targeting Africa as a place I would like to travel to. I did not know how I was going to do this, but I wrote it
down anyway. 
I joined Rotary Club in Lynnwood in 2018. About 6 months later, I got a call from a committee to ask if I was interested in helping them write a grant for a newly founded Days for Girls (DfG) Swaziland Education & Sewing Center.* I said YES to this opportunity, and as it turned out, I had done grant writing as part of my career. 
While I am still writing and developing this grant, I participated in the white stone ceremony in January 2019 and wrote a letter in church to myself to be mailed 6 months later to me. One of the first phrases that comes to me is “Go to Africa”. I thought that most likely I would take safari in 2020 to go to Africa. 
However, in February, the group that we were working with asked us if we would join them on a trip to Eswatini to visit the Center and see the distributions of the washable menstrual kits to the girls and women in the rural areas. This was in February and I said yes not knowing if we were going to be able to help get them get the grant. We got the $107,000 grant in October in time for our November trip! 
I am always amazed at how God works – it was beyond my comprehension that I would be able to write a grant, go to Africa, and help hundreds of girls and women - but Spirit
*The Center’s purpose is to provide menstrual health education and products to poor low-income women and girls who cannot afford menstrual hygiene products. Having these products allows them to stay healthy and go to school and work. The Center trains and pays sewers to make the washable menstrual kits and trains health educators to conduct the reproductive health trainings.
Abundant Blessings,
Barbara Thorp, LUT

October 2019

Dear Keepers,

Abundance is ours. We have 5 new Keepers of the Light. How glorious! This is prosperity to me.
October Affirmation: I bless all that I have. I bless all that is coming. In Faith I stand and give thanks.
(Please say it for yourself, your Unity community, Unity NW Region and One Unity.) I just had a friend share with me; she has been saying daily for several friends and organizations.
Remember prosperity is not just about money it is about your life working well.
Several recent prosperity moments have come to me recently.
We always have music at our World Day of Prayer Service; Unity in Lynnwood’s music team would not be in town that date. So, I asked other musicians in our community. They agreed and asked for $50 each. Since I
have no budget, I met with the minister. He said, Unity in Lynnwood supports the event go for it. The Chaplains prepare and serve a dinner before the service. We have a Love Offering container at the dinner and the service. As another Chaplain and I were placing the dinner love offering in the envelope for the safe, we both saw a $100 bill slide into the envelope. Only Dr. Richard and I knew about the $100 fee. The one
source provides. I have not gotten the total love offering figures from that evening. Yet, I know, we were provided for abundantly.
Last week a friend and I were meeting in the lobby of her office building. I got there early, so ordered an iced latte with one pump of mocha on reward points. I had not finished it, when my friend came down to meet
me. She said, “that really looks good.” I replied, sit and relax and I’ll get one for you. In Starbucks the clerk said, oh you want a repeat drink. I told her it was for a friend. She said, I forgot to enter your drink as a reward drink; so, I gave it to you for free. Would you like to use your reward now? Yes! Blessed by Starbucks.
It is an abundant Universe.
From Bless Your Money by Lowell Fillmore
“The power of blessing is a mystery. We do not know how it works, but we know that it does work. A wholehearted blessing not only helps our affairs, but it fills us with an inner light that seems to satisfy our soul
and make us happy. In blessing we are blessed.
You will never be sorry for having pronounced a blessing upon anybody or anything. Bless even what seems to be not good, and by the mysterious power that blessing brings it will be made to bring good to you.
In addition, it affords you the wonderful opportunity of experiencing the joy that comes from blessing.”
Have fun blessing this month and share some of the stories with me.
Abundant Blessings,
Barbara Thorp, LUT

September 2019

Dear Keepers,

Affirmation: “Plenty and prosperity are mine by inheritance from God, and I now, by my steady, persistent word, bring them into manifestation.”
From Directions for Beginners by Charles Fillmore  1939
Please say it for yourself, your Unity community, Unity NW Region and One Unity.
I invite you to pay a little more attention to your words and thoughts this month.  Deny the truth of any words or thought of lack that come up, then reword them.  Say the rewording a few times, “by my steady, persistent word, bring them into manifestation.”
Have a beautiful, bountiful September – an abundant harvest can show up in many forms.
Prayer Chaplain Ann shared this story with me.  Her friends name has been changed.
Prosperity is about being supported on your life journey.  I believe both Mary and Ann had an Abundantly, prosperous moment.
“Mary and I have been friends since 1984.
She lives in North Carolina and I live in the Seattle area. Mary will call me often for support and it seems quite often she is in a state of anxiety, stress and earthly time pressure. Normally, I can be a good friend and listener and offer an encouraging word or two.
Yesterday, she happened to call in the particular frame of mind I just mentioned, and she caught me off guard. I was fatigued and in a low energy spot myself.
I stopped, breathed and consciously went to my sacred space in my heart where Divine loving presence dwells. I was quiet until simple, yet profound words came. Mary, I said,” When I become frazzled, fearful, or anxious I practice remembering there in a Divine time and order at work in my life. I then went on to say that this “bigger picture” at work is always working for our ultimate good.
I thought she might try to convince me of her story’s power ... but she did not. She breathed a sigh of relief and went straight into gratitude.
We never know when we might be a vehicle for the Spirit within to offer comfort or to plant seeds for growth.”
What a tremendous gift to be
present, open and willing to be a blessing.
In Love and Joy,
Barbara Thorp, LUT
Live each day in joyful expectation of good

June 2019
Dear Keepers of the Light,
JUNE Affirmation: I set my intentions high. I eagerly, joyfully look for the amazing ways, I am abundantly supported. I AM.
(Please say it for yourself first, then your Unity community, our NW region and One Unity)
My prosperity story:
A friend had an accident while looking for work that has disabled her for some time. Before the accident she created many beautiful works of art and taught art. I saw her artwork for the first time
several months ago. I set my intention to buy a piece of her art to encourage the artist she is becoming again and to assist her financially. I wasn’t exactly sure how I was to pay for it. I thought I would make small monthly payments until it was paid in full. Two weeks after I firmly set my attention, someone came to stay with us for a week. When she left, she gave me a thank you card in an envelope. She said, “oh, you can open it after I leave.” When I opened the card, it had over $100 in it. I was surprised and shocked. If she had been there, I would have given it back to her. After a quiet time, I had to ask myself, am I a grateful receiver. Am I open
to receive in many different forms? So, I started paying more attention to how I receive compliments, gifts, assistance.
Then it dawned on me, I have this $100 to give my friend and more than enough to tithe on it. Next, I received payment for a class I taught that I didn’t even know I would be paid to teach it. Again, I received money enough for another $100 payment with money to tithe plus extra. The following week I sold a dresser with nightstand. That money was in my purse when we left for a weekend wedding. We took an early ferry because we had no idea what the timing would be on a Friday. We arrived at the Casino hotel where most wedding guests were staying several hours before we were to meet our friends. My husband loves Blackjack and went off to play. So, I decided to play a slot machine with the money from the dresser sale. I tripled the dresser money. This week I’ll be giving my friend $120 plus tithe on the money. It is an abundant universe.
“Prosperity is defined as a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition. I am successful when I navigate my way through a challenge or cross something off my to-do list. I flourish when I learn something new or take time for self-care. I thrive when I let go of an old belief that no longer serves me. I am prosperous in many ways, every day.” Daily Word May 9th, 2019
I look forward to receiving your amazing prosperity story.
Abundant Blessings,
Barbara Thorp, LUT
May 1, 2019
Dear Keepers of the Light,
May Affirmation:
I take time to appreciate. All that I have, all that I give and all that I receive; I AM in the abundant flow of Life.
(Please say it for yourself first, then your Unity community, our NW region and One Unity)
Prosperity moment from keeper, Michelle:
“The Universe works in mysterious ways. After experiencing a variety of car challenges over the past year, I’ve been blessed with many serendipitous occurrences. I purchased an older Subaru last summer, as they are notorious for their durability and longevity. Unfortunately, the car ended up in the shop several times over the next few months. After investing in many repairs, I concluded this car was not worth sinking any more money into. 
Good fortune smiled upon me as some friends had an extra car available for me. We mutually decided it would be best to donate the Subaru to NPR, since it still needed considerable work. I was going to call NPR the following day to make the arrangements. That very day, a hand-written note, sealed in a Ziploc bag, was placed under the wiper of the Subaru. The note read: “If you have any interest in selling this car, please call #...” It was stunning! Within 48 hours of calling the writer of the note, the Subaru drove off with its new owner. In addition to having cash in hand, I had peace of mind. I was completely transparent with the buyer about the condition of the car, including the work it still needed, and he was delighted nonetheless! The Universe works in mysterious ways.”
Prosperity’s Ten Commandments (Principles) by Georgiana Tree West
The tenth is: You shall not limit yourself by coveting that which is another’s; you shall claim your own.
Georgiana Tree West writes:
The cause of covetousness is our failure to look to God as the source of our supply.
We do not know, or we forget – that the power of supply is limitless. Every covetous thought is a belief that there is not enough to go around. 
When we place our Faith in God as the source of our prosperity, we rejoice in the Good of others, because we realize that there is plenty more for us.
Covetousness is desire misinterpreted.
…Only God delivers it to us on the call of our Faith. Faith is the starting point.
The limitless power of the spiritual energy of the universe brings all things, on all planes, together for the working out of the desire.
Faith is our contribution….. God does the rest.
Enjoy the Spring.
Joy and Blessings to you,

Barbara Thorp, LUT bjthorp25@outlook.com

April 1, 2019

Dear Keepers of the Light,


The One source, source of all, is mine. I AM enriched and so grateful.
(Please say it for yourself first, then your Unity community, our NW region and One Unity)


“I enter in consciousness the kingdom of God within me, where riches abound. Here I abide, trusting and resting; here I lay up rich treasures of thought that make of me a mighty magnet drawing good into my manifest world. Prosperity flows to me from every direction until “My cup runneth over. As I open my hand, my pocket-book, my bank account, my business, my home to the inflow of Thy substance, each is filled with a prosperity that is eternal."  Frances Foulks – Effectual Prayer


Prosperity moment from a prosperous friend, Cheryl:

“When I work around the church, I take notes of things that need to be done, a never-ending list of projects. One of the other things I do is make a note of what items are needed to complete the list. Last summer I knew the church grounds needed a new batch of mulch, and I wanted to replace what we had with something similar. Actually, I was very specific in what I wanted wood chips with pine needles. It’s a natural weed block and when placed on the beds it can keep weeds down for up to 3-4 years. One day when I was at my “real” job, I had arrived early to the complex. There was a tree clearing company working on trimming and cutting down trees on the property. A man drove by in a truck and stopped to look at the work being done. I felt compelled to ask him what the company was doing with all the trimmings and he said taking it to the dump. I introduced myself and asked him if he would like to dump it for free. I explained where the church was, and he told me to contact the main office and gave me a card. I went to my appointment. After I got a call from the man and he said, I didn’t have to bother calling. The tree company delivered over 12 yards of beautiful mulch. It was if they had been given an order to fill. I have had things like this happen often over the years of my volunteer service at church.”


Prosperity’s Ten Commandments (Principles) by Georgiana Tree WesT

The Ninth is: You shall not bear false witness against the source of your wealth.

Georgiana Tree West writes:

“The average person confuses facts with Truth. Webster defines a fact as “an actual occurrence.” A fact we might say, may be “true” or “false.” The finding of a wrong answer to a problem in arithmetic is a fact, but the wrong answer itself is recognized as a “false” fact. So, we erase it and make every effort to find the right answer to the problem. Every appearance of lack is a “false” fact and as such should be vigorously denied. Denial is the erasing action of mind. When we refuse to accept a “false” fact, we have taken the first step toward erasing it from our consciousness. The next step is to fill the mind with faith in God’s omnipresence and goodwill, knowing that whatever we hold in mind must inevitably find its way in form.

When we bear witness to the Truth of God’s presence and power in our daily lives, we refuse to accept any appearance of lack and limitation. We declare firmly that they are not God’s goodwill for us and that they have no part or place in our lives. We recognize them for what they are, mistakes made in working a problem of supply, mistakes caused by blindness or ignorance on our part or the part of others. The vital steps in solving the problem are to see the mistake, erase it and then try to get the right answer by going back to Principle.

In every problem of supply, the Truth that God is the one Source is the principle involved.

We must prayerfully acknowledge God as the source of all good and declare the Truth of God’s presence and power in all our circumstances; we must gratefully accept the fulfillment of our hearts’ desires and staunchly declare that God’s goodwill is now done in our lives. This is bearing witness unto Truth.”

“We must learn to be True witnesses of God’s abundance not only for ourselves but for others.


Joy and Blessings to you,

Barbara Thorp, LUT


March 1, 2019

Dear Keepers of the Light,

The Over Flowing Goodness of God is mine. I AM open for all Good.
(Please say it for yourself first, then your Unity community, our NW region and Unity Worldwide Ministries.)


Prosperity comes in many different ways. Look for it in your life. “We receive according to our capacity, and the degree of our Faith determines our capacity.”  Frances W. Foulks - Effectual Prayer

Prosperity thought from Keeper Linda:

At work, I am in the midst of preparing a case for trial with my attorney and team and a team of attorneys and staff from another office. There are many tasks and several leaders. This began in mid-December and will continue through March. My last trial was 4 years ago. This is a much more complex case. Each week, sometimes each day a new task comes to me. I set my intention each day that I have what I need. At the end of each week I have been able to accomplish that week's tasks. Although extra hours are needed, I feel that I have the abundance of all the time I need to do the work and take care of myself. I am in awe and grateful for this abundance. 


Prosperity moment from a prosperous friend, Gayle.

I was going to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy a shoe rack that cost $29.99. I wasn't sure they would honor the coupon I had and suddenly this woman just exiting the store said, "Here are some coupons, they never expire". They were just the coupons I needed and saved me $6.00!


Prosperity’s Ten Commandments by Georgiana Tree West

The Eighth is: “You shall not seek something for nothing.”

Emerson says: “In labor as in life there can be no cheating. The thief steals from himself. The swindler swindles himself.”

Georgiana Tree West writes:

Under the law of compensation there is no such thing as getting something for nothing. We must give full measure for all that we receive at some time. Every day is a day of judgment in which the balance of giving and receiving is struck… The answer is that wealth is a state of mind.

Under the law of grace, every need is freely provided for, but we must give of our wisdom, love and effort to handle intelligently that which the grace of God so freely supplies. Give we must, either before or after receiving.

If we do not like what we are getting out of life, we must consider carefully what we are giving to Life. If we feel that we cannot afford to be charitable and that we hate to pay debts, we are withholding our generosity, and life will not be generous to us.

Give a portion, no matter how little it may be at the time… give it cheerfully and with utter confidence that we are obeying God’s law, that law will prosper us.


Joy and Blessings to you,

Barbara Thorp, LUT


February 1, 2019

Dear Keepers of the Light,

I AM fully supported on my life mission. I AM ready to accept all the Good.
(Please hold for yourself, your community, our Unity NW Region and Unity Worldwide Ministries)


Rabbi Ted is part of Interfaith at Unity in Lynnwood. During one of his Shabbat services he taught that the word Commandment comes from the Greek language. The original word in Aramaic means Principle.

So, Georgiana Tree West is teaching us Prosperity’s Ten Principles that guide us to a higher awareness–higher consciousness. She wrote the principles that will enrich our lives, prosper us.

Prosperity’s Ten Commandments by Georgiana Tree West
The Seventh is: “You shall not abase your wealth to idle or evil uses.”

Evil per Charles Fillmore: “That which is not of God; unreality; error thought”

Georgina Tree West explained, In the seventh commandment, we are exhorted to maintain purity of thought and action. Our supply is of God; it is an outer symbol of omnipresent good. If it is to be a lasting blessing, with happiness in its wake, it must be handled in a way becoming to the nature of the source. When we awaken to the Truth that God is the source of supply; we recognize money as a symbol of God’s abundance.

The creative process through which prosperity is demonstrated is clearly indicated in the first three prosperity’s commandments or principles:

“You shall look to no other source but God for your supply.”
“You shall make no mental images of lack.”
“You shall not speak the word of lack or limitation.”


I’m sharing a writing with you. In the past I would get so tense anytime I needed to write anything. Worried about grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. So, I was reluctant to write and would do almost anything to get out of submitting a paper. I deemed myself as uncreative, a poor writer. So, when guided to restart the Keeper letter, I needed to go to my source. My source has given me some creative writing verses. Some are OK, some need improvement and some seem just right. It is all Good as I release old beliefs.

What would prosperity look like to you and your community?

This is prosperity to me for my life is enrich.


Welcome the Darkness

I invite you into the Winter darkness.

A time of rest, reflection & renewal.

Light a candle

See how bright the light is in contrast to the dark.

Sit – Breathe – Be

Be with your Self, your Sacred Self

Open to the light that is you.

Listen – Feel – Be

This is the light that will guide your way.

Welcome the times of darkness for they encourage you to seek the light.

Your Light is always present.

Only in the darkness do you know its brightness.

Only In the seeking do you find it.

This light is the very Life, Love and Wisdom of your being.

Bring your Light into the New Year.

Shine bright

Delight in this light that transforms.


Be amazed at what 2019 brings

As we ring in the Light.


Joy to you,

Barbara Thorp, LUT


January 1, 2019

Dear Keepers of the Light,

Abundant blessings and joy to you in this New Year 2019!


Bring your Light into the New Year

Shine bright

Delight in this light that transforms

Be amazed at what 2019 brings

As we ring in the Light.


I welcome this New Year and the Good it brings. I Am in the flow of the universe giving and receiving in love and joy.
(Please hold for yourself, your community, our Unity NW Region and Unity Worldwide Ministries)


Prosperity story from Keeper Marelu:

After one year of living in my new (to me) home and community in Milton Freewater, OR, I felt grateful for all the new friends I’d made and the times to reconnect with extended family members. My life was blessed by many relationships.

However, in August I started feeling like something was missing. I took this feeling of lack into prayer and had a huge “aha”! No children were in my circle of friends!

My grandkids are in high school and I’ve been enjoying attending their sporting events and spending family time with them. BUT… no young children. My life for almost 40 years as a Youth Ed. Director focused on children and their spiritual nature and well-being.

I held this awareness in prayer and the next day... the very next day… my neighbor called me to ask if I’d be willing to assist with vision screening at the grade school just three blocks from my house. Of course, I said “yes” and felt enriched by my day of helping the Kindergarten–3rd grade children with their vision screening. As a result, I was now a screened volunteer at this school.

It gets better because, you see, my daughter is the psychologist at this school. Seeing my joy at working with the children, she invited me to assist in other ways. So far, I’ve helped first graders with their reading and spent time with a 3rd grade girl with some issues that impeded her success in the classroom. My daughter Jenny told me last week that the teachers are grateful to have me and could keep me busy sharing one-on-one time with select children every day I’m available.

That yearning of my heart was heard and promptly responded to by Spirit and I feel deep gratitude.

Thank you for sharing, Marelu.  I look forward to the sharing of other Keepers.

I’ll continue with Georgiana Tree West’s Prosperity Commandments next month.


Joy and Light Always,

Barbara Thorp, LUT


December 1, 2018

Dear Keepers of the Light,

“I AM blessed with prosperity that streams toward me from every direction.”  I AM so grateful. (Daily Word 11-22-18)

Just close your eyes and see your Good streaming to you from every direction. I loved this; what a visual. Picture abundance in so many forms streaming to you, your Unity community, our region and Unity World Wide Ministries.  And so it is.


I attended the Parliament of World Religions in Toronto Canada a few weeks ago. We stayed at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel on Lake Ontario an expensive, beautiful hotel.  Three of us were going to be sharing a room so that made it more reasonable. The third person needed to cancel as she couldn’t get the time off work. When we checked-in, I was asked if I was a Marriot club member (no). Then asked if I would like to join; I declined. I said, I believe my son is a member can I give my points to him.  He said, if I can locate his account, yes. I offered his e-mail address and his account was located. The hotel assistant said, Oh, he is a platinum Elite member and that qualifies you for two free breakfasts daily, free Wi-Fi and a room upgrade. The upgraded room didn’t have a water view, so we kept our room. We also received free water. We were asked if we wanted daily cleaning and we said we didn’t need it. So, we were given 5 - $5 coupons to use in any of their restaurants and our room was cleaned every third day. The breakfasts were a large buffet with every kind of breakfast food imaginable including omelets made to order. It was about giving the points to my son. Yet, my roommate and I received abundantly. The entire trip was wonderful. Still sitting with some of the things, I saw, felt and heard.

Prosperity’s Ten Commandments by Georgiana Tree West

The Sixth is: “You shall not take your wealth out of circulation.”

“Plant life absorbs freely all that nature offers of light, heat and nourishment. It uses creatively all that is received and then gives back its creation to the soil. It gives back the seed that it may grow and increase, and it also gives back leaf, stem and stalk to enrich the soil for the nourishment of the new seed. Nothing is wasted.  There is a continuous action of receiving and giving in an endless cycle.

The economics of God are very simple: We receive justly for all that we give, and we must give freely if we would receive freely. We must keep our good in circulation not only in thought and word but in the realm of action, where the use we make of our money is always revealed.”

May you be abundantly blessed especially during this holiday season. I appreciate you and all you do.

Joy to you,

Barbara Thorp, LUT

November 1, 2018

Dear Keepers of the Light,

The source of my being knows only abundance. As I become one with my source, I know abundance and see it everywhere.

(Please hold for yourself, your Unity community, our Unity NW region and Unity Worldwide Ministries.)


A prosperity story from Unity in Lynnwood:

Unity in Lynnwood transformed one, large office into two, private offices and a luxurious volunteer work area!  Dr. Richard parted with his desk that the volunteer work area (now a very public area) might benefit from its aesthetic impact. For a week or so, Dr. Richard worked from a folding table. Shortly thereafter, he received a text from a member about a Craigslist posting! Within 24 hours, a solid mahogany desk and credenza, complete with locking drawers, glass tops and ample filing space was delivered from a doctor’s office in Bellevue! The new furniture gave rise to a redesign of the minister’s office as well, leaving warmer welcome, increased function and even greater beauty than before. The office suite was delivered at no cost.

All areas look really wonderful. 

Prosperity’s Ten Commandments by Georgiana Tree West

The Fifth is: “You shall deal honorably with God and with all human instruments through whom God’s good is manifested for you.”

“Faith in God always counteracts fear. As we give more of ourselves to meditation, prayer and service, we grow steadily in the realization of God’s presence in all and through all; we become increasingly aware of Spirit’s power moving through us, Spirit dwelling in us to fill our needs on all planes of existence.  As our Faith increases...” We long to give back to our source – honor God.


Look forward to your prosperity stories.

Abundant blessing,

Barbara Thorp, LUT        

October 1, 2018

Dear Keepers of the Light,

I AM Spirit and Spirit is my unfailing source. 
“I stand steady and sure in the face of uncertainty, confident that divine ideas will assure my prosperity.” -- Daily Word Affirmation Card
(Please hold for yourself, your Unity community, our Unity NW region and Unity Worldwide Ministries.)


I just returned from our NW regional conference where I was abundantly blessed by the program, the heart-filled attendees and the beautiful surroundings.

On my return home I had much to do including writing the October Keeper letter.

I had a story to share, no affirmation. Usually, one comes to me during the month and I write it in my journal. I retrieve it for the letter later. No affirmation seemed to be coming forth. As I completed my unpacking I picked up my gift for registering early for the conference – a collection of Daily Word Affirmation cards on Abundance. As I picked it up I read the card that showed through the sheer orange bag. Your affirmation for the month arrived quite easily as needed–true abundance.

In addition, two new people (Welcome Linda and Inge) and churches signed-up for the Keeper of the Light group. Plus, I met our wonderful keeper from Anchorage and she shared her prosperity story. Triple Blessed!


Keeper Nancy sent this prosperity story.

Events fell into place perfectly on a recent trip home from Vermont. Two days before my flight, I received an e-mail from the airline. Due to the possibility of severe thunderstorms in the Chicago area, I could change my flight at no extra charge. The available flights didn’t work for me. I was able to change to a non-stop flight from Chicago to Anchorage. Originally, I had tried to get on this flight, but it was full. It would get me home four hours earlier.

On departure day we boarded the plane and before we left the gate, the pilot informed us we would be grounded for at least 1 ½ hours due to storms in Chicago. The plane door was reopened, and passengers had the opportunity to try and rebook tickets.  The line was long and soon we were notified our choice was to stay overnight in Vermont or continue to Chicago. I chose to go to Chicago.

Lo and behold, when I arrived in Chicago, my plane was still there! We actually had to wait an hour for the arrival of our flight attendants. As it turned out, I arrived home three hours before my originally booked flight.

I was abundantly blessed and filled with gratitude.

Abundant Blessings,

Barbara Thorp, LUT

Live every day in the joyful, quiet expectation of Good.

September 1, 2018

Dear Keepers of the Light,

Starting with this brand-new day, I see with eyes of appreciation.  I voice my gratitude.  As I move through my day, I take a moment to give thanks and bless all that is before me.


I give thanks and bless all things that are before me.  What I appreciate increases.  Abundance is mine.
(Please hold for yourself, your Unity community, our Unity NW region and Unity Worldwide Ministries.)


From Keeper Johnnie:
Good morning!! I am grateful for the blessing of a $63,000 inheritance for my dad from his brother Gene. This should cover the difference between his Social Security, Medicaid, and the cost of his long-term care at Plantation Oaks Senior Living for as long as he needs it.  And, I am grateful for the pending offer on Dad’s home in Gainesville. We see the inspection on Tuesday going well and all proceeding to closing on September 10th in perfect order!  Thank you God.


Greetings Barbara:
Reading your affirmation wording reminded me of a poem (?) written in my grandmother's hand. I never knew her because she made her transition before I was born. It seems very aligned to your affirmation for August. I have no idea where she found it or if she wrote it. She lived on earth from 1859 to 1936.

Expect the best,
    Look for the best,
       The worst will never appear.

Pray for the best,
   Then leave the rest,
      God always answers prayer. 


From Keeper Audrey:
“When my prayer partner and I were starting "The Abundance Book," she pointed out that I frequently say no when people offer me money, gifts or help. I realized I was saying no to prosperity! I had been on the phone with Delta Airline, as my return flight from Unity Village had changed significantly after I booked it. Rather than being routed through Salt Lake City, it was now going to be routed through Atlanta (not even on the way between Kansas City and Portland OR) and have an additional 3 hours of flight time. The customer service person from Delta told me they could put me on a different flight, but they couldn't offer me "compensation." I had quickly assured the customer service person I didn't want compensation, but after getting off the phone I realized other airlines had shorter, more direct flights for about the same amount of money. I wondered why I was so quick to say I didn't want compensation?! So, I called Delta back and asked politely for my money back. The customer service person I spoke with said they couldn't do that, so I asked politely for her supervisor. Within 5 seconds of getting on the phone, the supervisor said, "Oh, yes, we've inconvenienced you more than 90 minutes, so we will give you your money back." I got a different flight on a different airline that was on a schedule that worked for me, at about the same price as my original flight.

I am open and receptive to my good through channels expected and unexpected, and I say YES to all the gifts of Spirit!"

Thank you for the abundance of stories.

Abundant Blessings,    

Barbara Thorp, LUT


AUGUST 1, 2018

Dear Keepers of the Light,

I plant seed thoughts for Good. With enthusiasm I use my powers of Faith, Imagination and Will to bring them forth in gratitude.

(Please hold for yourself, your Unity community, our Unity NW region and Unity Worldwide Ministries.)


I have had a very sore knee. After sitting it would really hurt when I stood up. I could hardly put any weigh on that leg at first. Gradually, I would begin to walk and in a little while the pain would go away. When it wasn’t better in a few days, I tried to see my doctor. She was on vacation. The doctor I saw took a quick look and said I probably have a cyst behind my knee caused by arthritis. I said, I do not believe I have arthritis. He told me to rest the knee, take anti-inflammatory medication and if not gone in three weeks to see my doctor.  So, four weeks later I saw my doctor. She did a very thorough exam. She mentioned maybe arthritis, no indication of torn meniscus and maybe over stretched tendon that was inflamed. I told her I did not believe I had arthritis. She ordered an x-ray and called to say no indication of arthritis. She ordered physical therapy. Could not get an appointment for 3 weeks.

While limping as I was getting out of the car, my neighbor came over. She told me, she was a massage therapist not practicing at present with extensive training in acupressure points. I’ll be happy to help you. She came over and used balls with pressure behind my knees in several locations and lower back. Taught me how to do it. Then brought over a bolster to put under my knees while I lie on the floor with the placed tennis balls behind my knees. (She refused any payment.) I am so much better. Abundance is about being well taken care of on our life journey. I feel abundantly blessed.

Prosperity’s Ten Commandments by Georgiana Tree West
The Fourth is: “You shall let go and let God do it.”

“A good formula for demonstration is as follows: First have faith in the Omnipresence, declaring: You created me and You sustain me, dear Father-Mother God, and YoU can handle my affairs. Second, have faith in God’s goodwill for you. Affirm: I accept of You now, O blessed Spirit, this desired good. I am alert and receptive to all that You would have me do in bringing this to pass. Third, think, speak, and act in accordance with your desire, and do whatever you feel you are guided to do in the realm of outer action to bring it to pass. Last – and of the most importance–having done your part, keep your mind busy with something else that is constructive, creative, or recreational in nature. Let go and let God do it.”

Dream big!!!

Abundant Blessings and continuing Joy on your Journey,

Barbara Thorp, LUT


July 1, 2018

Dear Keepers of the Light,

I express loving kindness to all people and I enrich my world. What I send forth comes back multiplied to me.

(Please hold for yourself, your Unity community, our Unity NW region and Unity Worldwide Ministries.)


From Keeper Johnnie:

“Two months ago I experienced the most wonderful series of events that fell perfectly into place at just the right time reminding me that Spirit had my back and that all was well…whether I worried and fretted about it or not. And I HAD been worrying and fretting!  The time to leave Florida and return to the Northwest was getting closer and closer. It was April 30th and I did not have a suitable long term care solution for my elderly father. Then, within two weeks Medicaid Long Term Care was approved, I received a call from the director at Plantation Oaks Senior Living that a room was available in the memory care unit, Dad was moved in, arrangements were made to get the house ready to sell, and we were on our way back home to Seattle. Now I am reminded to trust that Spirit still has my back and that just the right buyer is coming forward to purchase the house at the right time for the right price. I live in the abundant flow of God’s grace and I am grateful.”


Another friend wrote: I needed a change of scenery and decided to move to the Seattle area. Where friends had moved. Recently retired and on social security, I arranged a personal loan to pay for the move. Friends started to watch the information board at Unity. One day a man walked in with a notice for a small studio near Richmond Beach that over looks Puget Sound. I called and was off to my new home. 

I had injured myself before the move. Believing it was just a severe muscle pain. After the pain didn’t go away I saw a doctor and was referred to an orthopedic surgeon. The surgeon said I needed hip surgery. Financially, I was eeking by even though I keep my basic bills within my social security payment. My landlords had seen me struggle for months on my crutches and knew I needed the surgery. They decided to cut my rent by a third. I have moved in with saints and am so grateful.

Prosperity’s Ten Commandments by Georgiana Tree West

The Third is: “You shall not speak the word of lack or limitation.”

“Every spoken word launches some idea into the realm of form. Speak only words of faith, hope, courage and confident expectations of Good. Life is like an echo – what you send out comes back.”

Abundant Blessings and continuing Joy on your Journey,

Barbara Thorp, LUT


June 1, 2018

Dear Keepers of the Light,

I give thanks daily for all the Good that shows up in my Life both small and large.
(Please hold for yourself, your Unity community, our Unity NW region and Unity Worldwide Ministries.)


I encourage you to look for the Good in your community, see it, acknowledge it and appreciate it. Then watch it increase.

From Prayer Chaplain Nancy:

She was heading home after spending months in California, assisting her parents. Her car started acting up. She texted for prayer.

To all who have been praying and concerned: I am making my way home and my car is all fixed! I also got oil change and service; transmission reviewed... due to a recent recall I was unaware of and apparently the problem was the heat exhaust pipe was out of place. Whole business cost me 57.00! I am so prosperous and ever so grateful. Oh, and I got a free car wash! My car is so happy now! 

Prosperity’s Ten Commandments by Georgiana Tree West
The second is: "You shall make no mental images of lack.”

Every thought of poverty, fear, limitation, worry, and doubt is a false image, and every thought, word, and act of ours motivated by such thinking constitutes bowing down to ”idols” and serving them.

Decided to have a cup of Yogi tea before writing the Keeper prosperity letter. My tea message: “If you let yourself be successful, you shall be successful.) Something to meditate on, how do we limit ourselves.

Much Love and Appreciation for the Good work you are doing.

Barbara Thorp, LUT


May 1, 2018

Dear Keepers of the Light,

Happy May! Consider surprising someone with flowers on May 1st, May Day. Their life will be enriched and you will feel blessed.



I am one with the one. My life is enriched by my steadfast Faith in the One source.(Please say for yourself, your church, your region, our association and the world daily.)


From Georgiana Tree West’s book, Prosperity’s Ten Commandments:

“You shall look to no other source but God for your supply. The first step, then in manifesting supply, is to establish Faith in omnipresent spiritual substance as the source of all that is. We reason after this fashion: God is supply. God is spiritual substance everywhere present. Therefore, my supply is everywhere present. My acknowledgement of God’s omnipresent, spiritual substance delivers it into my life as the fulfillment of my needs”.

A friend and chaplain Ann sent this writing to me. With her permission I share it. Prosperity is about being guided all along our life journey. She says, “It has been the sweetest blessing! I’m less triggered and sweetly at peace.”


The power of Grace yearns to bless.
The mystery of Divine can awaken a grooved pathway into glorious transformation in the dead of night. An openness to breathe a new way beckoned, and my willing heart listened.

I’m not Jewish although I embrace Rabbi Ted, our interfaith community, and many universal, inclusive, and beautiful traditions of the Jewish faith.


I realize that throughout this past year one particular melody that Rabbi Ted has introduced us to in his spiritual Saturday’s that has touched my soul somehow is Shabbat Shalom
“How beautiful the day, Shabbat Shalom."
I awakened in the night over a week ago humming this song, feeling this song, repeating it over and over again, and every time I would awaken there it would be ~ the sweet, sweet song! It has become a grooved pathway without understanding why. It has become my mantra.
Whatever the day brings, whatever bubbles up and arises, whatever seems to be calling me back to peaceful breath for myself or another...the song comes forth...
"How beautiful the day, Shabbat Shalom," and I am at once, in whatever now moment I enter, filled with peace. A beautiful peace.
The grace of Spirit finds us, blesses us, and transforms us where the heart of us opens a crack and can be found ~ sometimes even in the dead of night without understanding why.
So it is!


Please share your prosperity stories.

Abundant Blessings.

Barbara Thorp, LUT

April 1, 2018

Hello dear keepers,


I Live an abundant Life. I am one with the source of all Good.
(Say it for yourself, your Unity community, our Unity NW Region and Unity Worldwide Ministries.)


The last few weeks I have been looking at the abundance in nature. So Beautiful!

Flowering current
Cherry Tree Blossoms
Tulip tree flowers
Plum Blossom starts

Nature is alive and so glorious.  Abundance is showing up in our world.


Talk about abundance:

Holy Thursday
A Friends big Birthday
Treated to dinner out 3 nights in a row
Made pie for 18 people
Received a gift of gratitude
Doing Keeper of Light affirmation and letter
A very full week – Abundance Plus

You can call it a burden or a very Abundant week.


It is your story.  How do you write it?  How do you talk about it?  Words matter.


Love and Blessings to you,

Barbara Thorp, LUT


March 1, 2018
Hello Dear Keepers,
I didn’t receive any stories in the last 4 weeks. My thoughts turned to what will I write; nothing really prosperous seemed to happen. Then I remembered prosperity is never solely about money. It is about being fully supported in body, mind and Spirit. As I thought about that I remembered how excited I am about our three new Keepers of the Light members from three different churches. Welcome Jackie, Mary and Nancy.
We know have 35 members from 23 Unity communities. Our Keepers come from 8 states.  This increase moves my dream forward of having one representative from each Unity community in our region. Thank you, members.
Brene’ Brown’s weekly Dose of Daring several weeks ago:
“I’m not that creative.” is a profoundly dangerous myth. The only unique contribution that we will ever make in this world will be born of our creativity.
We are Makers.
I cannot tell you how many years I said that statement. From our Unity teachings I learned we are always creating. So I started saying to myself. Who do you want to be, Barbara?  What do you want to create? Slowly creative ideas stated to flow.
Under our prayer ministry section on the web site, we have the monthly Daily Word affirmations and a writing or poem for the month. The people who had done it for a number of years resigned. As prayer ministries director I needed to find someone to do it. One of our chaplains writes a lot and agreed to share the monthly writing. Not finding another person and being very brave I decided to share the writing. The chaplain is my writing mentor and cheerleader. As I meditate I ask for Divine ideas–knowing all the Life, Love and Wisdom within me can do all things. The writing seems to come to me with an idea and a sentence. As I meditate on those more comes. First my chaplain reads it and gives positive reinforcement. Then I can submit it. I have written 2 and am grateful for the abundance of Divine ideas available to all of us. I take another step and share it with you.
In the stillness of winter…
New green life is pushing up out of the Earth
Into the light
In the stillness of winter…
I sit with the light and life within me.
Eagerly, I seek the new expression of Spirit that is birthing in me.
In the stillness of winter…
A daffodil unfolds in all its glory and beauty.
Its trumpet shape is sounding a call…
Wake up; wake up a new world is here.
In the stillness of winter...
From the sanctuary of my soul new ideas flow.
The sound of the universe is calling.
It is a new day, a new world.
A new consciousness is blooming.
Spring is born.
--Barbara Joy Thorp
My source is limitless. I give thanks and enthusiastically, accept my Good.
(Say it for yourself, your Unity community, our Unity NW Region and Unity Worldwide Ministries.)
Share your stories and watch them multiply. 
Have a beautiful month.  
Love and Blessings to you,
Barbara Thorp

February 1, 2018

Hello Dear Keepers,

Happy February and Happy Valentine’s Day. May love fill you to over flowing and may you share it with the world.

Keeper Marelu shared this wonderful prosperity story:

During my move to Oregon, the main speaker for my sound system was badly broken. When I looked into the details of the moving damage/loss insurance I had upgraded to I realized that I would, after filling out about 15 pages of documentation, be reimbursed only six cents on the dollar of value for my sound system. It didn’t seem worth the effort to jump through all the hoops. I paid over $1000 for it several years ago and, while the price has dropped since then, I didn’t want to spend over $600-700 for a new one. I decided to see if there might be someone or a business in the area that could repair it. Unfortunately, that didn’t pan out. The wonderful prosperity gift for me was when my neighbor, who has already generously included me and invited me into activities and events in the community, offered to take a look at it. In 20 minutes he had correctly reconnected all the wires and patched it back together. It worked perfectly. To test it out we both sang into the mic to hear our amplified voices. I feel incredibly grateful since it saved me a lot of money but also because it’s now ready to be used for some holiday performances that have shown up on my calendar. I feel like life is overflowing with blessings, special moments with my Oregon family, kind and thoughtful new friends and prompts from Spirit to share my talents and gifts in new ways. 


On one of western Washington’s rainy gray day’s I opened my door to find this on my front porch. I have no idea who the thoughtful kind person is. It brightened and cheered my day.

I’ll be doing it for others soon.

What a prosperous day!


I am Spirit’s vessel in the world. Within me are all the Love, Life and Wisdom for prosperous living and giving.


Share your stories and watch them multiply. Abundant Blessings to you right now. 

Myrtle Fillmore quote:

The all-providing Substance of Spirit is everywhere present. I mold it with my thoughts and make it tangible with Faith.

Love and Blessings to you,

Barbara Thorp

January 1, 2018
Happy New Year, beloved Keepers of the Light,
May we release what no longer serves us, then open to the Spirit within to realize and bring forth our gifts that the world needs now.
Thank you Rev. Rob Wheeler for sharing a great prosperity story.
During early November we discovered that the furnace for the church wasn’t working correctly. Sometimes it would fire and the sanctuary would be warm, other times it would only blow cold air. We called our HVAC Company and scheduled for a technician to identify and correct the problem. The earliest open date was November 28th providing the potential for two Sunday services in the cold--God being in charge, the furnace worked on each Sunday morning. 
Good news: The day before his scheduled appointment an opening occurred and the inspection began. 
Not such good news: The furnace could not be repaired it had to be replaced! And because it had the potential to release carbon monoxide the gas was shut off so we could look forward to a very cool building. AND, the existing vent flue, being more than 20 years old, wouldn’t pass a new installation inspection. AND, it looked like the HVAC Company was two-three weeks out to do the installation. 
“Before they call I will answer.” 
One of the ways have been blessed is by LEGACY GIFTING. In September one of our members told me that she wasn’t going to wait until she passed to present the “Legacy Gift” and our treasury was increased by an amount of more than FIVE TIMES the cost of the new Furnace for the church. And more good news, the installation would begin on December 6th, so only one Sunday with a very cold sanctuary. 
If the story stopped right here is would be wonderful. However, it gets better! We are blessed in that Bosworth Hall (named for our founding Minister), attached to the Sanctuary, has a wall furnace. We set up the chairs and held the first Sunday of Advent in that room where I had the opportunity to share the above story for it fit so well the theme of Faith. That morning the congregation responded not only with Love Gifts and Tithes to cover our regular operations there also were designated funds to cover the TOTAL COST OF THE NEW FURNACE! 
I am blessed to be a part of this group. 
Thank You, Rob Wheeler
Remember: Prosperity is about being fully supported on our life journey.
I am the channel through which God’s substance flows. I am so grateful and blessed as I continue the circle of giving and receiving.
(Please say it for yourself first, your community, our NW Unity Region, Unity World Wide Ministries and the world.)
Love & Blessings,
Barbara Thorp, LUT