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Dear Keepers,
I am so grateful for so many things. I opened a book and a perfect quote was present, my good friend Johnnie sent me a prosperity story and my affirmation comes from the powerful demonstration of the Unity NW Regional conference committee, led by Rev. Rachel Simpson and Rev. Jane Hiatt. They dreamed big, and asked speakers, then Covid-19 arrived. They worked very diligently to move to a virtual conference. A new platform and all new ways for the presenters to present. Yes, we have all learned so much regarding technology. Yet, this was the first Unity virtual conference in our area. The presenters were terrific. There were a few technology cliches, actually very few. Rachel and Shawn (tech support person) worked them out. The videos of the presenters will be available soon for a small fee. Please avail yourself to them. We await the final financial details and know it will be sufficient. For we are a prosperous region.
My friend and fellow keeper, Johnnie’s prosperity sharing:
My husband Terry and I recently sold our motorhome.  Many times, over the four years we owned it I thought of that “hole in the water you pour money into” saying that boat owners have.  Though it cost a lot of money to operate and maintain, it served us well the first two years.  It allowed us great flexibility traveling between Michigan and Florida caring for our elderly parents, visiting friends in New England, sleeping in our own bed at a Nehemiah retreat at Unity Village.  And best of all, having our cat, Miss Apple, with us the whole time.  
Life changed for us with the birth of our first grandchild.  We came home to Seattle and switched from elder care to childcare.  Both marvelous blessings in their own unique ways.  
But back to the motorhome...we offered it for sale on consignment through a dealer in Everett.  I was afraid that by the time we added up the cost to the dealer to spiff it up, their percentage on the sale, and paying off the loan, we’d still owe money!  But, no – Hooray, hooray, we ended up getting about $10,000.  Thank you God
In the words of Imelda Shanklin:
Your mind is your world. Your thoughts are the tools with which you carve your life story on the substance of the universe. When you rule your mind, you rule the world. When you choose your thoughts, you choose results…. Your life is what you think: Think straight, and life will become straight for you.
So, Dream big as our conference committee did.
October Affirmation: I (my Unity Community, our NW Unity Communities and One Unity Worldwide) Dream big, listen, hear, take action and create a World that works for All.
Say it first for yourself, then your Unity community, our region and One Unity.
Thank you and gratefully,
Barbara Thorp, LUT bjthorp25@outlook.com