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December 31, 2019
Dear Keepers,
May we all shine our Light bright for 2020 and beyond.  
Abundance is mine:
3 new Keepers in the Light last month
2 prosperity stories submitted, I use one this month and the 2nd next.
My attitudes prosper me:
Attitudes are the outgrowth of ideas.  As I pray, I want to be shown how I may improve upon any attitude that has limited me or kept me from claiming my good.
Do I resist my good by blaming people or circumstances for what I seem to lack?  I lift this attitude to God.  I let go….  I listen to God saying to me, “You are my child and heir.”  What a difference this realization makes!
January Affirmation: ”I am centered in God as I affirm:  I now view all life with a new attitude, for I realize that I AM a beloved child of God, heir to all good.”         
- From A Prosperity Meditation by Martha Smock        
Please say for yourself, your community, our NW Unity community and One Unity
Keeper Donna shared this story:
When it became apparent that my Mother, Oletta, would need 24-hour care, my sister, Gail, and I prayed for guidance.  We wanted a place where she would be treated with dignity and respect.  We went to a couple of places and knew immediately in our hearts that they were not for her.  Then we found the perfect place for her.  They were all so kind and attentive.  Our prayers were indeed answered.  However, Mother did not want to stay and was mad at my sister and I.  I remember the first day walking out of the dining hall where she sat at a table all by herself, no one else in this large room.  I looked back, waving, and went around the corner where she could not see me and cried and cried.  It was not too long before she found that she was okay there.  I visited almost every day and I would see so many of the residents sitting alone in their own world; no response when spoken to. I learned from the staff that they seldom if ever had visitors.  My heart cried for them.  When Christmas came, my Mother wanted to give everyone a gift, so we went to the Dollar Store and bought 50 beautiful Christmas figurines of Santa and angels, etc.  Then miracles happened.  Except for a very few exceptions, when Mother would hand them a Christmas figurine and say, “Merry Christmas,” the residents would look up and smile with delight.  One woman who had no visitors and looked down all the time with no attempt to communicate at all with anyone, looked up at Mother and smiled as she took the Christmas gift.  My Mother and I were so delighted.  And, for me, my heart was so full of love for all of these wonderful children of God, that to this day when I think of it, I cry with such joy.  My Mother had brought an abundance of love and joy to her neighbors in her new home.  It seemed at first to be such a small gesture to give a small gift; however, I realized it was truly not the figurine; it was the love and attention from my Mother that touched their hearts.  Love is abundance.  It was a perfect Christmas.  
Abundant Blessings and a Joy filled New Year,
Barbara Thorp, LUT