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Keepers of the Light Affirmations




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Dear Keepers,


This is our final month of claiming the words and inspiration of Martha Smock’s A Prosperity Meditation. May we fully, claim the truths she taught to enrich us.


My Ideas proper me…

My Attitudes prosper me...

My Enthusiasm prospers me…

My Faith prospers me…

My Prayers prosper me…


Through prayer and meditation, I realize that I am a child of God. I feel my oneness with the Infinite. I feel caught up in the great love of God.

My prayers prosper me, for as I commune with God in the stillness of my soul, I find myself on a rich path. My inward journey into God’s presence prepares me for a successful journey in life.

My prayers prosper me, for they help me know that I am beloved of God. Divine love supports me, and the spirit of God in me crowns my efforts with success.


Our affirmation: My prayers prosper me. In praise and gratitude, I give thanks “for blessing me so richly.”

(Please say it first for yourself, then your Unity community, the NW region and One Unity.)


I invite you to share some of the gifts you have received and witnessed from the Coronavirus. I’ll print them next month. Please share.


A Unity friend saw an ad on TV regard a state health plan that might reduce her cost. She called, since she has very limited work due to the virus at present. Her new insurance went from about $800 to $0. She received a notice in her Puget Sound Energy regarding assist with her bill. The person that answered, said they were so glad she called; they have this money set aside to assist people and want people to call. She received several months of reduced payments. She paid attention and acted upon the information. She prospered.


I have been blessed to have a lot more time to read. I’ve walked almost daily 2 ½ to 3 miles, going through a park near our home. In the park I have enjoyed and celebrated witnessing 4 pairs of Great Herons building nests in the same tree. The females are master architects. The male breaks a branch off another tree and brings it to the female. The nests are now complete 3+feet across.

I have seen more fathers walking, strolling and bike riding with their children then I have seen in my entire life. What a difference this will make in our world. Everyone has been very conscious about observing socially distancing. I have organized a few things; increasing that might be my growing edge.


Seeing each of you whole and well and looking forward to getting together with others.


In Prayer and Gratitude,


Barbara Thorp, LUT Bjthorp25@outlook.com