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Dear Keepers,
Happy March! May you Spring forth with new growth and beauty as the daffodils do.
My understanding prospers me….
“Of all the rich ideas that come to me, none is more important than understanding. The more I think
about prosperity, the more I understand that it is a process of growth and fulfillment. I understand
that God is substance, that all things are formed out of the essential substance of God. I claim my
good through developing and using the God qualities that our within me.” (Your Divine natures that
includes Faith, Love, Wisdom, Life, Understanding, Order, Imagination, Strength, Power, Will, Zeal,
Elimination, Joy, Abundance and Peace.)
“These are part of the substance of God, which can never be depleted.”
“As I continue to look to God, I affirm: I open my mind to an understanding of the all-providing
substance of God. I claim my good.” Now.
Continuing with Martha Smock’s, Prosperity Meditation
Last night I thought I didn’t have a prosperity story for the month.
Well I went to my Unity community this morning. We started to announce forming a Prayer Shawl
Ministry three Sundays ago. I requested we make the first Prayer Shawls for our three high Schoolers
that will graduate in June. After the first announcement two people volunteered to lead this ministry
and seven people signed up. I was gone last week. The leaders were announced; one of the new
people that signed up gave $50 toward yarn. They shopped together, purchased 10 bags, filled each
with the instructions for making a prayer shawl either knitted or crocheted, written history of Prayer
Shawls, a gift for the Prayer Shawl Members – a votive candle and holder to light before knitting or
crocheting as a reminder of the holy work you’re doing. Lastly each bag contained a thank you note
from the two leaders. Four bags were filled with yarn to make a Prayer Shawl.
Today was our first Prayer Shawl Ministry gathering. People came to the meeting with yarn and all 10
bags were filled with yarn for making a prayer shawl plus several large bags with more yarn for the
future. So far 13 people have joined this ministry. What abundance and what a blessing. Many lives
will be enriched.
A Prosperity moment: Friday, I grabbed the four letters I needed to mail and headed out the door to
the post office. I Really, didn’t want to go. Much to my delight and surprise there was the mail truck
in my driveway about to turn around. I waved. He leaned out the window and said, “let me take
those for you.” Always remember prosperity is about your life working easily and joyful
Prosperity is based on the conscious possession of the idea of God's abundance back of all things.
Things come and go, but the idea of abundance endures. Giving in the right mental attitude creates
prosperity. Giving with the fear of lack leads to poverty. Giving with the thought of a large resource
opens the way for a large income.
Charles Fillmore
In Joy and Gratitude,
Barbara Thorp, LUT Bjthorp25@outlook.com