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January 31, 2020
Dear Keepers,
One of our new Keepers in the Light sent this wonderful story. May we all bloom and grown in the Light and Understanding of Love. Please take the time to read it. I was going to edit the story; after reading it through
the second time I decided to leave it intact. Affirmation after the story.
My name is Leia and I was given a copy of your most recent Keepers letter by my reverend, Jane Hiatt. I attend Unity in Bend, OR. I recently completed an abundance course which Jane taught. She distributed your letter on our last day of class with an open-ended invitation to reply to you if we felt called. I instantly knew I would!
One of my recent stories of prosperity relates to the abundance class I took. In our assigned reading we were instructed to reconnect to our inner child in an intimate way. The author also gave the option to connect with an inner dog if the image of an inner child wasn’t feeling empowering. The important part was to identify a part of our selves that had gone under-nourished or un-loved, and to reconnect with it in order to open ourselves to greater flow with the Divine. In meditation I received the image not of a child or a dog, but of a plant! The image I saw was of a dandelion that had been growing under a brick. The brick was removed; instead of being green and upright the flower was white and bent along the ground. It had received no light but still was heeding its instincts to push and grow through the darkness. What a powerful image to connect with! 
I immediately purchased two amaryllis bulbs from the garden center. One was in a box and one was just a bare bulb with a tiny green shoot not even half an inch long. The one in the box was very
similar to the dandelion in my meditation! It had grown inside its dark box and had a thick curling stalk about eight inches long with a huge red blossom already open! It also had a smaller shoot about three inches long with a small tight bud. I uncoiled the whole thing from it’s cramped box and lovingly seated it in a pot of earth, and planted the other bare bulb in its own pot. As I planted them, I felt myself in each of them and vowed to water and care for them as a part of myself. I placed both on my dining room table which catches the morning sun. I meditated on their forms every day feeling “my” stalks bask in the warm sun that they’d always craved and needed. I felt my roots surrounded by the tender protection and nourishment they’d always wanted. I felt my cells come alive with a new vibrancy, growing strong and with purpose.
I’ve learned powerful truths from watering my inner plants. I once thought that the beautiful part of a flower is the blossom. Now I see the whole plant for the ongoing process of growth that it is. The rough bulb is worth no less than the colorful expansive blossom. Each stage of life is important and of equal value. The tightly closed bud protects what is coming. This reminds me that having boundaries and protecting what is sacred and delicate are imperative facets of healthy development. As the blossoms fully expand, I breathe into the awareness that I am fully alive, radiating the glory of God, open to receiving what is needed to carry on the magical mystery of life. As the blossom withers I am reminded that what is no longer needed can be released. My energy, just like the plant’s energy, can be better used elsewhere.
Interestingly, each blossom and bud on the bulbs seems to correspond with a facet of myself. As each bud has grown and eventually opened, I’ve felt my awareness shift in relation to one or another issue I’ve been stumped by or struggling with for some time. The first was around my sexuality and partnership. I’ve been a single, divorced parent for nearly half my daughter’s life. My loneliness and depression around this have been the cause of so much suffering! Yet even this huge weight now feels much lighter and of so little importance after two weeks of plant meditation. I’m no longer attached to things looking or going a certain way. What a relief it is to no longer be consumed by this obsession! 
I’ve had similar openings and releases in relation to friendships, employers, and hobbies. My life is being transformed from the inside out. While on the outside things still look very similar to how they did two months ago, I know that like the green bud that’s been tightly closed, there are wondrous changes going on inside and it’s only a matter of time until the outside matches the brilliant expansiveness I feel inside. I’m getting ready to BLOSSOM!
Thank you, Leia.
I continue with another part of A Prosperity Meditation by Martha Smock
My enthusiasm prospers me…
       Enthusiasm is not only a welcome asset, but a prospering asset. If I do not already feel enthusiastic. I can call forth a feeling of enthusiasm. There is a Spirit within me and within everyone that is capable of being enthusiastic about life and living.
       Interest activates enthusiasm. I pray for the wisdom and the vision to look at life with new interest.
Aware of God’s presence, I affirm: I look to life with new insight and interest. I am enthusiastic about life and living. And I AM prospered.
Prosperity is our True nature. Open to your Divinity and you are enriched. Have a beautiful February. Look forward to hearing from you. Your stories enrich all of us.
Abundant Blessings,
Barbara Thorp, LUT