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Unity EarthCare

We declare our covenant with God to walk upon Earth for the greatest good of all creation.


Service to God and to all beings is the highest form of Love in Action. Of Unity's five basic principles, Spiritual Social Action reflects the fifth principle, our call to express Spirit in the world by expanding our circle of compassion. We joyfully move from our hearts, extend our hands to the world, and step forth in divine action.

Spiritual Social Action includes four focus areas:

  1. Peace
  2. EarthCare
  3. Compassionate Response
  4. Interfaith

Through spiritual prayer and special celebrations, practical actions, and joining with others in our communities, Unity ministries in the Northwest Region are joyfully serving humanity and caring for our Earth home.

View our brochure and the resources below for ideas and sample activities.

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Gandhi Salt Communion Service

Trail Project

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Create a Vision

Start a Team

Special Celebrations

Services for the AGNT Seasons for Peace:

  • Season for Nonviolence:  Gandhi Salt Communion by Robin Haruna
  • Season for the Earth:  Earth Day Celebration by Robin Haruna
  • Season for Humane Service:  (when available)
  • Season for Interfaith Celebration:  (when available)

Services for the Four Elements / Four Seasons:

Adult Education

Small Group Series based on books by Eknath Easwaran:

Take Action

Ministry Stories (Newsletters):

To Learn More...

Earth Day Celebration

Community Garden

SSA Programs at Unity Worldwide Ministries
Unity Worldwide Ministries' Spiritual Social Action program includes compassionate response, earthcare, peace, and interfaith. To learn more, go to:  www.unity.org/bethechange/

UnityFM's show "A World That Works" featured interviews and stories of Spiritual Social Action and EarthCare projects in Unity ministries. To hear the archived shows (2009-2010), go to: www.unity.fm/program/AWorldThatWorks

The Unity EarthCare Program guides ministries in sustainable living practices.  To enroll, contact the Unity EarthCare team at: earthcare@unity.org  OR  www.unity.org/earthcare/