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Welcome to the Bridges of Justice Symposium!

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Building allies, understanding, and possibilities to recreate our world

Building on the popularity of last year’s programs on social justice topics, we now have a whole track that is designed not only to allow you to be a better ally but also to offer to your ministries so that we are reaching out to those who have been underserved and could benefit from Unity teachings that proclaim us all Divine expressions, worthy and necessary players in the evolving, awakening world.

This series is available for screening online following the schedule below by registering for the series here, or to watch with others in your community at a separately scheduled screening. Check with your local Unity for details.

If you want to share this program with your wider ministry, please contact Rev Jane Hiatt ( for information on how to do that.

The Bridges of Justice Series is a part of the Unity Northwest Region's Annual Conference. Click here to learn more.


Sheri Dunn: The Truth About Diversity 

6/20, 6:30pm

A new way to think about diversity rooted in history and nature. (Including the History of Racism in the Pacific Northwest) What does a healthy, diverse system look like? How do we deal with the "illnesses" that are blocking the natural expression of diversity in our workplaces, leadership, and our lives?  Learn More

Mitchell Hunter and panelists: Gender Expansive Diversity, an Insider’s View

9/21, 6:30pm

Transgender/non-binary and gender expansive identified folx often start from a place of deep shame for being perceived as wrong in who they are. The construct of gender frames our existence and living within binary lines of male and female limits our expression. Learn more about this construct, hear personal stories of folx who are pushing narrow lines to create a more expansive opportunity for all, and discover ways to be more inclusive and empowering allies. Learn More

Sharon Mitchell: The Structural Path from Division to Unity

9/22, 6:30pm

This presentation is based on the book by Isabel Wilkerson that shows through extensive research and compelling narrative how the United States of today, and historically, has been shaped by a rigid hierarchy of human ranking; a caste system, with systemic pillars, that influences peoples’ lives, behaviors, and the fate of our nation. As we understand the structure that divided us, we begin to see the path to unity.  Learn More

Cylvia Hayes: Sacred Economics: Creating a Beautiful Economy that Works for All

9/23, 6:30pm

Find your niche as a creator in a new, saner, sacred economy that restores the planet and gives all humans a shot at a better way of making a living. Our current economic model, based on materialism, consumption and limitless growth, is wreaking havoc on Nature and keeping millions trapped in poverty or unsatisfying, dead-end jobs. There is a better way! The New Economy movement is robust and gaining momentum as more and more people, entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations say “enough is enough” and get busy creating healthier ways of making a living and doing business. In this session we will explore some of the current norms in our economic system that need a change-up, and we’ll dive into some of the exciting alternatives. We will explore how we help make the shift from an economics of separation to an economics of reunion, respect and love.  Learn More

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Download the Bridges of Justice Customizable Poster (11x17) to use with sponsored community viewings.

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PO Box 12798 

Mill Creek, WA 98082 

PH: 206-550-2524


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