A positive path for spiritual living

About the Northwest Region

Northwest Region Mission Statement:

  • Interim Mission Statement:
    To connect our region through prayer, caring and shared resources in order to advance the movement of shared awakening and spiritual transformation. 

As members of the Northwest Region we commit to:

  • Creating spiritual community through education and practice of the Unity teachings and principles.
  • Experiencing unity in diversity as God in expression.
  • Practicing innovation and creativity in all that we do.
  • Healing and transforming through the power of love, prayer and Spirit.
  • Supporting our children and youth on their spiritual journey.

We Offer You:

  • Annual Regional Conference.
  • Paid Youth of Unity (YOU) Consultant who presents rallies, workshops/conferences and trainings within our region.
  • Paid Uniteen Consultant who presents camps and trainings within our region.
  • A Regional Representative. Learn more.
  • A Licensed Teacher Representative. Learn more.
  • Regional Leadership Training


Click here to read our bylaws.