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Keepers of the Light        

Hello Dear Keepers, 

January Affirmation:  I AM a unique expression of the one source.   I AM richly, blessed.


Say it for yourself, change it to say for your Unity community, our NW Unity Region and One Unity.  One Unity is the coming together of Unity Worldwide Headquarters and Unity Worldwide Ministries, a powerful force for Good in the universe.


A few Sundays ago, Rev Nina Clark led a meditation.  She gave me permission to share parts of it.

Rev. Nina recently, read something that caught her attention, spoke to her soul, and touch my heart, too.  

The word purposefully was added to a phrase we often express.

“This Ground of All Being, intentionally, purposefully individuated as you. This Infinite Ground of all Being intentionally, on purpose individuated as me.”

This Infinite Ground of All Being, intentionally, on purpose individuated as each and every one of us, no matter where on this beautiful spaceship earth we live.

This Infinite Ground of All Being, intentionally, on purpose individuated as trees and our beloved planet earth and all the other planets and stars and suns

God intentionally, on purpose individuated as your dog, your best friend, your husband, your wife, as gay, as straight, as black, as white.

Intentionally! On purpose! This wasn’t some blind unconscious act. This was an intentional, on purpose, creative act resulting in you! This was an intentional, on purpose, creative act resulting in me!

We are here on purpose.

And I found myself humbled and in awe and profoundly grateful for this tremendous gift of life”.


I invite you to close your eyes and appreciate your self.  Know you are wonderfully made.  You are here at this time and place on purpose and within you are all the resources you require for this magnificent Life that is you. 


From my current reading - PosiTrends or negatreds?  By Eric Butterworth

Life is lived from within-----out. And if we are centering our attention “out there,” in the future, looking forward in resigned expectancy to “more of the same” – or squinting forward, seeking a prophetic glimpse of a predestined future – then we are out of touch with reality.

To be “in the beginning” is to be centered in the consciousness that the coming year (or decade or century or millennium) exists as a series of opportunities to grow, to unfold the infinite possibilities that are enclosed within every person.

We want to deal creatively and realistically with the Millennium. …. It all comes down to attitudes – our own. P. 16

The answer: become an intrepreneur. (” in”trepreneur Eric’s word)  Make a commitment to take charge of your own life.  You can’t always control what happens to you, but you can control what happens “in” you – your reactions, your moods, your expectations.  You can maintain a calm assurance of security even in the face of _________________.  Eric says, a job layoff – fill in the blank for yourself.

As an intrepreneur, you know that your security is always within yourself.  … you must build an unshakable conviction and consciousness that your true business is the “express business” – the business of expressing or outforming the creative flow within you.  You know that you are working for God…………. P. 21

The intrepreneur carefully builds into his consciousness the realization “I do not resist change, but I adapt myself to the law of ‘All things work together for my good.’

May we all know the Universe conspires for our Good for you are on purpose and intentionally made.

All things are working together for our Good.


Much Love and Appreciation,

Barbara Thorp, LUT


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