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June Affirmation: God is my source. I AM excited to see the myriad of ways I am enrich.

Say it for yourself, your Unity community, Unity NW Region, and One Unity. One Unity the coming together of Unity Worldwide Headquarters and Unity Worldwide Ministries a powerful force for Good in the Universe.

We are blessed by a prosperity story from Leia. Thank you so much, Leia.

(A note for those unfamiliar with the following pronoun usage, my kid recently asked to be identified as gender-neutral, and now uses they/them pronouns).

Several years ago, fresh out of a divorce, I was wanting to create a sense of family for my child and myself. For SJ’s 9th birthday I got them a sweet little kitten, Timmy, who was orange and cuddly and their favorite pet.

However, the narrative of “how hard it is to be a single mom” was difficult to overcome. I spent the next few years struggling for a sense of wholeness and wellness. I did my best to be positive, but it seemed I could never get ahead, things were always hard, and I just struggled and struggled. Eventually Covid came, and the pit just seemed to get deeper. I had the ongoing experience of fighting to keep my head above water, grasping at anything to keep me spiritually, emotionally, financially and/or socially afloat. During this time, Timmy ran away from home and with my sense of overwhelm I didn’t see much point in trying to find him. We moved (for the third time in a year) and my kiddo continued to speak of Timmy occasionally, sad that we would never see him again.

With the outer physical world continuing to throw one curveball after another at me, I turned to the only thing I had left, prayer. I ended up saying “yes” to serving on the board of directors for my local Unity congregation. I found myself in a prayer class. Then an abundance class. Then I was praying daily with a prayer partner, and now I am reading Pam Grout’s Thank and Grow Rich. Whereas six months ago I was struggling and questioning, I am now dancing and laughing. I rejoice regularly at LIFE and its fullness of miracles and the sense of alignment I am able to remain open to.

Miracles seem to keep happening: A hefty tax return as I committed to tithing. A new coworker who makes my job so much easier after "tithing my energy" to the universe (as part of Prosperity III with Mary Morrissey). A promotion and raise when I was questioning my job. Even finding a coupon for my favorite brand of shoes when I needed new shoes AND having an awesome interaction with the retail associate. These are just the ones that are easy to remember.

But the biggest miracle yet was the email and phone call I received this morning, which happens to be SJ’s 16th birthday, notifying me that Timmy had been found after being missing for over a year.

I am laughing and crying as I type this. I would say I can’t believe it, but that’s not at all true. I CAN and do believe in miracles, and they are happening all the time!

Timmy is home, I am alive and well, my child is outrageously amazing. I affirm daily that our human consciousness is aligning more and more fully with the field of infinite possibilities, and that we ALL are miraculously blessed with joy as we live these human lives on our spectacular planet.

“Be fearless; know that all will be provided at the right time.” From My Yogi tea bag. Let’s be fearless.

In Gratitude and Grace,

Barbara Thorp, LUT

Live each day in joyful expectation of good


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6947 Coal Creek Pkwy SE

PMB #114

Newcastle, WA 98059


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