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Keepers of the Light        

September 1, 2021

Hello Dear Keepers,

September Affirmation: “I AM One with my Source.”

(Say for yourself, change it to say for your Unity community, our NW Unity Region and One Unity. One Unity is the coming together of Unity Worldwide Headquarters and Unity Worldwide Ministries, a powerful force for Good in the world.)

Two days ago, I was thinking I haven’t come up with an affirmation for the Keeper letter. Usually, it comes during one of my morning meditations a week or two before the end of the month. I was putting some things away from a tote bag when a glass stone fell out. I put it next to my commuter. Yesterday, I read it again as I remembered one of the gifts from my caregiving time with my mother. “What if it was easy, Barbara. What would you do?” Use the words on the glass stone, so I have. I have told the story about “what if it was easy” before in a Keeper letter. If any of the newer members would like to know, just ask.

My two granddaughters started college last week. One is at Washington State University and the other at Colorado State University. So, I baked cookies, bought snacks, nail polish in their school colors and packaged everything in 2 priority boxes. I put their school address on their package. Friday, I took them to the post office. They took the package to WSU and other things I was mailing. Then, I was told I needed a P.O. Box number for CSU package. I assured them I had the correct address. He said, “It can’t be mailed without one.” Moving away from the counter I called my son. I got a text message from him, can’t talk on an airplane. So, I texted him the address, the message came back, “Correct address.” I googled how to send a package to CSU, Google said, Student name, Dorm name, room #, city and zip code. Just the information I had on the package. When I finally got back to the head of the line and total the postal worker it was the correct address and tried to show him what Google said. He said, we need a P.O. Box #. A lady several people behind me said, “I went to a Colorado University, and they all have their own zip code, so you only need the city, state and Zip.” She said, it in a very authoritarian voice. He said, we must send it general and only print it with city, state and zip code.

What are the odds someone in a small Seattle post office had gone to a Colorado University? This is such a wondrous prosperity story for prosperity is about your Life working well.

Christian metaphysicians find that words that express thanks, gratitude, and praise, release energies of mind and spirit, and their use is usually followed by effects so pronounced that they are quickly identified with the originating words, effect being merged in cause.

Let your words of praise and blessing be to Spirit and the increase will be even greater than it is when they are addressed to man. The resources of Spirit are beyond our highest flights of imagination. You praise a weak body to strength; a fearful heart into peace and trust; shattered nerves into poise and power; a failing business into prosperity and success; want and insufficiency into supply and support.

Do not beg in your prayers, but praise and give thanks for the new self-manifesting God of abundance fulfilling every desire of your heart.

Make a “date” daily with God and keep it. He (She) will never fail you.”

From Teach Us to Pray by Charles Fillmore and Cora Fillmore

Page 34, 35

May we all appreciate, praise, and prosper.

Abundant Blessings,

Barbara Thorp, LUT


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