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Keepers of the Light        

Dear Ones,

Thank you for supporting me on this journey. It has been a rich one.

Leia Napoli, a member at Unity of Central Oregon, has expressed her heart is calling her to continue the Keeper Letter. Leia has written a letter to introduce herself. Copied below. please read.

I will be sharing your emails with her in about a week. Contact me if you do not want me to share it. She will be asking if you want to continue receiving the monthly letter. Leia would love to receive your prosperity stories

Greetings Readers!

My name is Leia Napoli and I have called Bend, Oregon, home since the fall of 1999 when I moved here to study massage. I didn’t end up practicing professionally, but I have grown into adulthood here, raised an incredible human being in the process, and along the way, discovered Unity and ultimately Keepers of the Light. A few of you may recognize my name as I have shared a couple prosperity stories since joining.

Keepers of the Light was originally shared with me by our senior minister here at Unity Central Oregon, Reverend Jane Hiatt, in the later part of 2018. It was a time of transformation and struggle for me; I was intentionally creating prosperity and opportunity for myself in the face of long-standing difficulties and entrenched disempowering narratives. All of that process aside, I admittedly I have not been fully engaged with Keepers of the Light since then! Some months it takes me several days to finally read it, and occasionally I haven’t gotten around to it at all. Perhaps some of you can relate?! In all honesty, I am fearful of what it means to commit to being responsible for “another project” for an unspecified amount of time. Yet I am also getting better at recognizing which fears to give weight to and which to embrace.

I anticipate some great life-changes during my next few years: my child will be completing public education and I will be completing a Master’s Degree, then changing careers. My mom will be selling our family home and moving into assisted living. In many ways all of our lives will be changing in ways we can and cannot anticipate. I am curious how being committed to Keepers of the Light can be a source of continuity for me in the next handful of years.

I think being in this role will be a good fit because I’ve always been nourished by the writing process and I’ve always been a natural optimist - a person who is prone to see the good in any situation to the degree that I haven’t always felt like I fit in with the world around me. I’m not saying that I have always experienced my life as prosperous by any means! But I do bring an almost naive hopefulness to pretty much any situation. Capitalizing on that, and bringing you all along on the journey with me, is something we can all benefit from. I’m not saying I’ll be doing all the heavy lifting here! I just anticipate being “on deck” for creating the content when stories from all of you are not yet ready to be shared.

All in all, I believe that taking guardianship of Keepers of the Light will deepen my practice of seeing opportunities in all situations, and thus of being in connection with source. I hope you will enjoy this practice with me, both as a recipient and as a participant. It is an honor to be called to this practice, and to carry it for the time being. I offer humble gratitude for those who have carried it before me, and to those who will carry it after me.

In Gratitude and Appreciation,

Barbara Thorp, LUT

Live each day in joyful expectation of good


FEBRUARY AFFIRMATION: I stand in Faith and Gratitude for the abundant Good that moves in and through me to bless the world.

(please say it for yourself, your community, the Unity NW Reg. and One Unity.)

“The unknown is where all outcomes are possible; enter it with grace.” Yogi Tea bag

I entered the practice of doing the Keeper of the Light affirmation and letter by entering the unknown with great possibilities. I have received much; my hope is it has opened great Good for you. As I end my time as Keeper, I leave you with a message from our co-founder Myrtle Fillmore and a meditation from an early member of the Society of Silent Unity, Frances Foulks.

Prosperity quotes from Myrtle:

“Earn spirituality first, and your supply will come to God’s own way.”

“The all-providing Substance of Spirit is everywhere present. I mold it with my thoughts and make it tangible with Faith.”

Excerpt from Frances Foulks’ Prosperity Meditation, Published in 1927

In the realization of my sonship, I claim the promise that all Thine is mine, and I make Thee, my Father, the promise that all mine is Thine. By this covenant between Thee and me there is opened the channel through which Thy wealth flows to me and out from me, in abundant measure, to bless Thy work and Thy workers. My storehouse and Thy storehouse are full to overflowing, for they are one. 

I enter in consciousness the kingdom of God within me, where riches abound. Here I abide, trusting and resting; here I lay up rich treasures of thought that make of me a mighty magnet drawing good into my manifest world. Prosperity flows to me from every direction until "my cup runneth over." As I open my hand, my pocketbook, my bank account, my business, my home to the inflow of Thy substance, each is filled with a prosperity that is eternal, because it comes from Thee who art from everlasting to everlasting. I enter into that peace which brings freedom from anxious thought, because I know in whom I believe, and I know that He who is my supply and my support will never fail me, no matter how great my need may be.

I praise and give thanks to Thee, Thou Giver of gifts, for Thy bountiful substance "pressed out" to me, taking form in whatsoever I need even before the need is manifest, in the ever-overflowing measure of the loaves and fishes, to spare and to share. And so it is.

Purse Blessing  Was written by Frances I open my purse and there is poured into it the substance of God. I turn it upside down and pour out some of its contents wherewith to bless that work of His which the Father points out to me. I use all that I need freely but wisely. Yet my purse is never empty. It is constantly being filled from that eternal substance of Spirit which is without beginning, without end. This substance overflows my purse, and the more I use from it the larger the stream flowing into it becomes. I thank Thee, Father, for substance ever taking form for the use of Thy children everywhere.

Abundant Blessings, Barbara Thorp May there be much joy on your journey.

A teacher at Unity Village once said, “Why would the universe give you more, if you did not appreciate what you have.”


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