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Winter Regional Newsletter

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Message from our Board Chair - 
Rev. Rich Broderhausen
Dear Friends in Unity,
Three weeks ago I had the privilege of spending the weekend with about 40 incredibly loving and dedicated Youth Teachers at our Regional Youth Teacher Training Conference. I posed a question regarding the Regional Newsletter, since in the December newsletter there was information that was important for ministers and spiritual leaders to know, and that especially impacted Youth teachers in the Region. My heart sank, but my mind was enlightened as I found that very few teachers even knew that there is a Regional newsletter; and further, that they had very little, if any, understanding of Unity organization and resources  outside of their own ministries.
Everyone at the conference, once given an invitation to receive the Regional newsletter, asked to be added to the email list for the newsletter and for "Eblasts" which announce important Regional events and news. There was even a sense of gratitude and excitement that they were to be included. So everyone at the Teacher Conference has been added to the Regional email list.
Unity has been said to be a well kept secret. Sadly, we often seem even to be secret from each other. I had to ask myself what kind of job I have been doing in sharing communications from the Region and from Unity Worldwide Ministries with key people and the general membership within my own ministry. The answer is "not very well." I am probably not alone in that answer.
I've given it some thought.  I conclude that sharing information from and regarding the greater Unity Movement will strengthen individuals in their understanding and participation within my own ministry. Therefore, I am committing to forward the Northwest Regional Quarterly Newsletter to all our members at Unity of North Spokane. I will also encourage frequently  from the pulpit, and in the Sunday bulletin, that members go online to receive The Path from Unity Worldwide Ministries.
How about the communication of the Regional and International Unity Community within your ministries? Is it time to be more inclusive and to consider disseminating communications more widely?  How might it help and enrich your ministry and bolster your personal efforts?
In Love and Joy, Rich

Regional Financials
The Northwest Region experienced an overall financial loss of $859.18 for 2016 after an up and down financial year.  Your Ministries' response to our call for assistance was beneficial in mitigating the loss in conjunction with your Board reducing costs, which will help us in the current year.  We are starting 2017 in a more positive position, and with your continued help we should be able to regain a healthier financial position and be better able to provide the support for all Ministries in the Region. 
Since our last report, our Regional Tithes to Ministries have gone to:
  • Unity of South Sound, Tacoma, Washington - December 2016
  • Unity By the Sea, Lincoln City, Oregon - January 2017
We look forward to a Prosperous 2017!!

"We shall serve for the joy of serving, prosperity shall flow to us and through us in unending streams of plenty"                                                Charles Fillmore

Follow up from our Northwest Region Annual Conference 2016 "PASSION FOR THE PRESENCE"
The Experiential Workshop presented by Stacey Guenther, a Mindfulness-Based. Strategic Planning Specialist, compelled us to co-create innovative strategies in leadership for the dynamically emerging future of our Unity Centers, this Region and the Unity Movement.  To this end specific teams were formed as a means of carrying forward the inspired, new ideas that these teams will be generating.  This is an ongoing endeavor for us all within the region, and your Regional Board is facilitating this by overseeing these teams.  We will keep you informed.

                  Teams                                                                                   Facilitators
HEALTH AND WELLNESS                                         Rich Broderhausen & Jack Eckrem
NW REGION & SUB REGION                                    Cheryl Rohret & Karen Lindvig
YOUTH & FAMILY                                                      Rosella Sims & Rachel Simpson
NEXT GENERATION UNITY                                      Terry Murray & Rachel Simpson
LEADERSHIP                                                            Rich Broderhausen & Connie Munro
CHURCH GROWTH                                                  Rachel Simpson & Terry Murray 

Chaplain Trainer's Workshop
March 2-4, 2017

Please note: Registration for this training is now closed.  Our thanks to Unity in Bellevue for hosting this popular and exemplary training.  

Attention Youth education Directors!
Although we no longer have a specific ministry consultant for Youth Education Directors, the following wonderful people in the Northwest Region are available to answer questions and assist you!  These long-time youth education consultants have a wealth of information to share with you.  Don't hesitate to connect with them.

Marelu Greco    425 868 3115    marelum@comcast.net
Chris Castald    503 913 0898    cbchris.2010@gmail.com
Jackie Green    509 995 3036    jackienwyou@comcast.net

Also available: Unity Worldwide Ministries Youth and Family Ministry Consultant, 
Diane Venzera 708 622 8031    dianev@unity.org
YOUTH OF UNITY RALLY - April 21 - 23, 2017
"Spiritual Ecology"
at Cispus near Randle, Washington
April 21-23, 2017
Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.)  Rally is a 3-day Communion with Spirit ~ Large Group Workshops,  
Small Group Discussions, Singing, Meditation, Dancing and Prayer are among some of the empowering activities that are in store for our youth ages 14-18.
Please see Link for Specific Age Requirements/Registration/More Information

Youth Education Position Open in the Region
UNITY Spiritual Center of North Idaho, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
 is looking for a Youth & Family Director
This is a Part-time Position.  Director must be grounded in Unity principles, demonstrate a love of and respect for children; enthusiastic, creative and innovative; facilitate, teach and support assistant teachers, create programs for youth and their families.  If interested and for job description, contact Rev. Deidre Ashmore,    minister@unitycenter.org

Spring Leadership and Board Experience - Module II*

"Creating Dynamic, Thriving & Sustainable Ministries" Facilitated
by Rev. Toni Boehm, Ph.D., Unity Worldwide Ministries
SATURDAY,  April 22, 2017,  9:00am - 5:00pm   Unity in Lynnwood, WA
A luxurious, FRIDAY evening reception (7:00PM-9:00PM, included) will be held in your honor as well !
Toni Boehm returns this Spring to look at creating ways to keep our churches current and forward-looking.
  * Module I is not a prerequisite for this workshop
ONLINE REGISTRATION                                            REGISTRATION

A Unique Opportunity
The same expert group of instructors who have been teaching on campus for years is collaborating for two weeks of Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE) classes.  To see what is being offered WEEK A: May 1-5 and WEEK B: May 8-12 see (Links).

Northwest Region Conference 2017 
September  25 - 28, 2017
Location: Unity in Lynnwood, WA
  Featured Facilitator JAMES TWYMAN also known worldwide as "THE PEACE TROUBADOUR*

James Twyman asks "Is it possible to work for peace and justice in the world while maintaining an experience of contemplative ease and grace?"  James will offer concrete steps for our church communities and for individuals to use the power of contemplation to effect real and lasting change in the world, to address humanity's sense of isolation and helplessness.  James says "We have more power than we imagine, and by following these simple steps we'll learn to align ourselves with the greatest Spiritual Peacemakers in history, and to awaken the Contemplative Activist within"...to manifest a New World From the Inside Out."

More information will be forthcoming.  Your volunteer conference team and the Board are enthusiastically putting together this annual conference.  For now...

Keepers of the Light
THE FEBRUARY AFFIRMATION from KEEPER'S OF THE LIGHT                                   Facilitated by Barbara Thorpe, L.U.T.
Divine ideas flow easily. As I take action, they richly bless the
world and me. I am so grateful.
Barbara suggests that you affirm this for yourself first, your community, our NW Unity Region, Unity World Wide Ministries and the world.  
See Link below for more information about this powerful practice.

2017 Board Members and Officers
Chair:                    Rev. Rich Broderhausen, Unity of North Spokane, WA 
509 489 6964       
Vice Chair:            Rev. Karen Lindvig, Seattle Unity, WA
206 622 8475 x 121
Secretary:             Rev. Rosella Sims, Unity of Bremerton, WA 
360 479 1757            
Treasurer:             Jack Eckrem, L.U. T., Unity in Lynnwood, WA
425 385 2211
Member:                Rev. Terry Murray, Unity of Olympia, WA 
360 943 5757
Member:                Rev. Rachel Simpson, Unity of Anchorage, AK
907 346 2824
Regional Rep:      Rev. Cheryl Rohret, Unity of Yakima, WA     
509 575 5551
L.U.T. Rep:            Connie Munro, L.U.T., Unity of Bellingham, WA
503 318 4410
Alt. L.U.T. Rep:     Barbara Thorp, L.U.T., Unity in Lynnwood, WA
206 363 9951
Judicatory Rep:   Rev. David Elliott (advisory), Unity of Tacoma, WA
253 383 2684