A positive path for spiritual living




Y.O.U. Rendezvous is a 3-night 4-day communion with Spirit. Daily activities include large group workshops, small group discussions, singing, meditation, dancing, prayer and vespers.

Our mission: To create an inclusive, diverse space in which individuals can explore and develop their spirituality.

Eligibility age requirement to attend: Y.O.U.er must be at least 14 [or in ninth grade] & no more than 18 years [or high school senior] exceptions for regional officers.

Attendees attend the entire weekend experience from beginning to end. They are active members of their YOU group who have demonstrated maturity, self-discipline & self-responsibility; who have a sincere desire to learn more about Truth and who are willing and able to contribute by actively participating in event activities. It is recommended that those attending have attended at least 4 chapter meetings in the past 3 months.

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