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NW Regional Rep. Letter from Cheryl Rohret

Tue, 2015-11-10 11:01 -- nmunciejarvis
From Cheryl Rohret, Regional Representative
Dear Colleagues and Friends,
Greetings from your Unity Northwest Region and from myself as your new Regional Representative!
Some of you may have seen me most recently in my role as the Chair of the Board of our Northwest Region.  Though my role may have changed, my calling remains the same:  to support the ministers, leaders, and ministries in our Region as we teach and live our empowering Unity principles.
What does a Regional Rep do?  What kind of support do they offer?  I am here to be a link between you and our region, as well as between you and Unity Worldwide Ministries (formerly known as "the Association").  Here are some times it might be helpful to contact me:
  • When you have a question regarding policy either at the region level or the Unity Worldwide Ministries level.
  • When your ministry is making a change in its spiritual leadership.
  • At the first sign of "dis-ease" in the ministry.
  • Any questions regarding ministry that your by-laws and policy do not address.
In essence I am the first line "go to person" representing you in the region.  I am here as a resource person for you.  If I don't have the answer, I will get it or direct you to where it might be found.  Of course, I don't work alone.  I am part of an awesome team of support which includes our Executive Assistant, Karen Breen-James, our Judicatory Representative, Rev. David Elliott, and the entire Board of Trustees.  
I love Unity!  I feel especially called to this form of sacred service at this time in my own ministry.  Along with 35 years of ministerial experience (25 as a Presbyterian minister, 10 as spiritual leader and the present minister at Unity Spiritual Life Center in Yakima, WA), I am preparing to better serve you as I receive specialized training.  
In October, I spent five days at a "Mediation Skills Training Institute" offered through the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center.  
In November, I will attend a Unity Worldwide Ministries' "Ministry Skills Institute" in California.  As I hone my skills in how to assist congregations with healthy communication and conflict transformation, I look forward to offering board training in our region and, when the need arises, assisting you and/or your congregation with mediation in times of difficulty. 
My desire is to see us sharing our message of love and oneness in the most effective, healthy, and authentic ways possible.  None of us is meant to do this work on our own.  That's what community is all about.  Thank you for allowing me to come alongside you in times of stress and times of joy.  Together may we shine the light of God's Love ever more brightly in our world!                
Here is my contact information:
            Email: cherylrohret@gmail.com
            Phone Numbers:  509-952-4427 (cell - most direct!) or 509-575-5551 (church)
            Address:  Rev. Cheryl Rohret, 401 S. 8th Ave., Yakima WA 98902
With gratitude for the opportunity to work with you in ministry,
            Rev. Cheryl Rohret