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Next Generation of Unity

Northwest Next Generation of Unity is an open community of Unity young adults
exploring truth, learning, growing and serving together in love.


Next Generation of Unity (NGU) is a group intended for Unity’s young adults 18-35 years of age. NGUers join in community in Local Connections, at regional events, and online. A local connection is a gathering of young adults from a specific church or geographic location (ie. Seattle area), that learn and grow together in a supportive environment. Northwest NGU hosts two events a year, as do other regions.

This last April twelve NGUers from around the Northwest Region gathered at Shiloh Bible Camp in Cosmopolis, WA for our "One Love" retreat. During this weekend we looked at loving ourselves, loving others, loving our "enemies" and being love in the world. All the participants created an accepting, fun, and loving community as we shared our hopes and our challenges.

In addition to planning events, the Regional team is available to support Unity’s next generation and also support the formation and function of NGU local connections. If you have any questions, comments or if you would like more information about NGU please feel free to contact us using the "contact us" form below and to the left.

"Go Wireless: Release Your Attachments"

Retreat Nov 1-3

Cosmopolis, WA

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