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Keepers of the Light Affirmations

August 1, 2017

Dear Keepers of the Light,

I would really love to hear from you a prosperity story. Remember prosperity is about being supported on this life’s journey. I am sure that many of you have a story about generosity–please share.

In gratitude and appreciation, I thank my friends who shared their prosperity stories with me and agreed that I could share them. Otherwise this letter would be extremely short.

A friend shared a little of this story at a meeting. A few days before I had prayed for some prosperity stories for the Keepers letter. She agreed to share it and sent this write-up.

“I left the house, as usual, a little early, in plenty of time to get to the luncheon. I was about 3 miles from my destination when the kids in the car beside me waved me down to tell me I had a flat tire.

"I pulled into a quick stop on the corner and got out to take a look. It was flat. I began to call AAA, fearing it would take at least an hour for them to respond and change the tire when I heard a voice say, "You need some help with that ma'am?" I turned around to see a very handsome, muscular man standing behind me. I said "Yes!  Thank you."

"He began to get out the jack and go to work changing my flat with my spare. What a blessing!! I told him he was an angel and he said that actually it was his wife who had told him it looked like I needed help. She said I must be an "OK" lady as I had a Dallas Cowboy sticker on my car. I turned around to see a beautiful woman in the passenger seat of their SUV. She got out and we began to talk. I told her she and her husband were angels and I thanked them for helping me.

"We chatted for what seemed only a few minutes and the tire was replaced with the spare. Another gentleman rode up on his bike, saw what was happening and pitched in to replace the flat tire on the back of my car where the spare had been. I thanked him too and thought, "Thank you God!"

"Then the wife told me where I could get another spare replacement for about half the price of a new tire, if I needed it and they were gone. Such wonderful folks--all 3 of them”

Keeper Linda shared this story: I believe the "power and strength..." portion of this month's affirmation has directly manifested in me. I don't generally think of God/Spirit/One as manifesting in me as power. But this month several dramatic events occurred on the HOA Board on which I am VP. I took up each challenge, pulling from past experiences on my church Board. Today as I reflect, it was power and strength that flowed through me so I was able to act effectively.

I look for the Good. I see the Good. I claim the Good. Good is mine and I share it with the world.
(Please say for yourself, your church, your region, our association and the world daily.)

Have a beautiful summer.

Abundant Blessings,

Barbara Thorp, LUT


July 1, 2017

Dear Keepers of the Light,

Trusting you’re enjoying these beautiful Summer days. It is so lovely to awaken with the light.


I claim the power of Plenty. God expresses as perfect Health, Power, Strength and Prosperity through me right now.  Yes, yes, yes!

(Please say for yourself, your church, your region, our association and the world daily.)


Remember prosperity is about being fully supported on our life journey.

Here are several stories that demonstrate it.

“There’s a ledge above my kitchen sink where I have created an altar with a fountain and a few rocks with words and symbols. One of these rocks has an infinity symbol on it. I wanted to add a heart so I drew one right above the infinity loop.  It looked just like I had envisioned. Water must have splashed it because the heart smudged. I tried to fix it, which just made it worse (interesting metaphor isn’t it?). Something in me said stop, put it aside for now. I placed the rock back in its place of honor even with what seemed like a flaw. I still held the vision of a heart, this heart would need to be bigger, waterproof and wouldn’t it be great if it were a different color. A sticker--what about a sticker I thought. Every time I went to the craft store I looked for stickers. I hadn’t come across anything that seemed like it would work. I knew there had to be something out there and one of these days I would run across it. A few months later while I was at a grocery store I looked down and there was a cup full of stickers of different colors. They looked to be the right size. They keep them for the kids; and I asked the cashier if I could have one and she said yes. I picked out a purple one, brought it home and placed it on the rock. The amount of joy and gratitude I felt from this sticker was as big as if I had won a million bucks! Every time I look at it I practice that feeling and give thanks for the answered prayer. It is bigger, more colorful and better than I imagined it could be.” -- Shared by a Keeper


Friends received their monthly wellness call from their chaplain. They asked for prayer regarding their concern and worry about having a large group of company for the holiday.  Anxious they couldn’t do it all. After the prayer they felt at peace and knew things would work out. Shortly after their daughter called and offered to have everyone over to her home. They felt so abundantly blessed.


I had one of those difficult conversations (We calling them creative conversations now.) that are not wanted yet needed. I felt OK after the conversation. Later I started ruminating over it and feeling a little down. The more I thought the more I picked about my words.  Feeling worse by this time.

One of our church's chaplains said, she felt guided to call and read this poem to me.  Usually she e-mails them when she wants to share. The poem was all about the energy and joy of summer with many of the things children do in summer. The poem was so joyful, it took me to memories of running through sprinkler, licking an ice cream treat from the ice cream truck and playing hide and seek. When I hung up I was smiling and thinking of joyful things. I am so abundantly blessed. Later I could say to myself I may not have done it perfectly and the communication came from my heart. It is all about trying and learning.

Please share your prosperity stories.

Abundant Blessings.

Barbara Thorp, LUT   


May 31, 2017

Dear Keepers of the Light,

Michelle became a Keeper to practice and claimed her prosperity about 7 months ago.  Prosperity has been an opportunity for growth for her. Thank you for sharing your abundance stories, Michelle.  We celebrate with you.

She recently started a new job and is paid once a month, and her monthly direct deposit has been significantly less than she had anticipated. Well, imagine her absolute delight and surprise last week when she learned that even though the school year ends in June, her contract pays through July and August! That's why her monthly income has been lower than expected. She stated, “I literally feel like I just won the lottery.”

She learned another fascinating piece of information last week, regarding an art design of hers that she licensed to another artist two years ago. The contract has run it's course, and she was under the impression it was ending. Once again, “imagine my surprise and delight to learn that not only are they going to continue production of my product, they just hired their second full time employee, who will focus exclusively on production. The original vision we shared was to scale up production to more of a mass volume, which is when my share of royalties would really have the potential to add up”...here's to celebrating for the best! 

Michelle continued, “And a few weeks ago, I experienced a plethora of abundance during Teacher Appreciation Week. They treated us to a coffee cart with fancy drinks one morning, yummy lunches a few times during the week, and little surprises tucked into our boxes each day. It felt so good to feel so appreciated. I soaked in and savored the essence of abundance the whole week.”



The abundance of the universe flows to me.  I accept it with joy and gratitude. I am prosperous. 

(Please say for yourself, your ministry, your region, Unity and the world, daily.)


Three steps to prosperity per Ernest Wilson:

1. We must become thoroughly conscious of the truth that rich ideas are the source.

2. We must cultivate the habit of rich thinking. A common shortcoming in this regard is the habit of permitting outer things to dominate our thoughts.

3. We must give expression to these ideas as they come to us.  The same source from which we received the ideas will provide the power to overcome or remove any obstacles.  The obstacles within ourselves are the ones that we must overcome.  From the universal mind we can obtain an abundance of rich ideas.  This is God’s gift to us.

There is no lack in universal supply.       From The Sunlit Way


Abundant Blessings,

Barbara Thorp, LUT

April 30, 2017

Dear Keepers of the Light,

Happy May! God is our source. Our source is the same in the spring, summer, fall and winter. We claim this truth and live it now.

Today, our neighbor’s cherry tree is in full bloom, pinks of every hue. The branches lean over the fence reaching for our deck with blossoms as big as snowballs. The tree gladly shares it beauty with me. I give thanks for the bounty of spring blooms that bring joy and beauty with color to our lives. I am abundantly blessed.


I give generously of my time, talent, treasure and truth. I am open and receptive to receiving Good in many forms. I create a circle of giving and receiving that fosters abundance for all.

(Please say for yourself, your church, your region, our association and the world daily.)

Keeper Linda shares her abundance story:

I include my employer in my daily abundance blessing. 2016 was a very profitable year for my employer; they shared the abundance with employees through our annual raises. In April, I received my biggest percentage raise in a number of years. The ripple of abundance!

Tuesday, driving my Prius home, a warning came up on in the middle of the screen.

It said, Alert Have Hybrid system checked. Four other lights came on at the same time. I pulled to the side of the road. Turned the system off and back on, just knowing it would be OK. Well a few seconds later the message returned. The car was driving fine, so I drove it to the Toyota dealership and told them about the warning. Since it was late in the afternoon, they said I wouldn’t hear from them until tomorrow. As I left I said, “I love my car, please take very good care of her.” The next day the dealership called and said it was a part that converts power from battery (to motor I assume). Then he said, “you are fortunate, Toyota extended the warranty on this part and you’ll get a new one installed for free.” I immediately gave thanks. Abundance comes in many forms.

Please share your prosperity stories.

Abundant Blessings.

Barbara Thorp, LUT

March 30, 2017
Dear Keeper,
Spring has come with an abundance of rainy and gray days. This is a good time for us to connect to the light within. It will keep us balanced and joyous. Look carefully for the abundance all around, spring's new growth: daffodils, buds on trees and so much more. Primroses mean spring to me and I love to look at their pretty flower faces. My front yard is filled with the sent of violets that border an entire bed of azaleas and rhododendrons. They are a wonderful reminder of my mother as the first plants came from my mother’s yard. The have self seeded to make this perfect border. Breathe in the fresh scented air of spring–fill your lungs fully–it is given freely and abundantly to us.
The Truth is that God is the only source of my supply.  Spirit’s will for me is abundant prosperity.  I hold this Truth in my heart and mind.  I am blessed.
(Please say for yourself, your Unity community, the Unity NW region, Unity Worldwide Ministries and the world.  Thank you.)
I am reading a delightful book by Earnest Wilson - The Sunlit Way. Published in 1928
We need to remember that circumstances are less important than our thoughts about them. Circumstances have no power of themselves. They shine only a borrowed light. Do not make a God–or devil–out of them. There is only one God: the supreme, eternal good: and only one devil: wrong thinking. God is a spirit, a spirit that manifests itself in loving service. Cling to that spirit; make your thought, your word and your action a channel for it.
Have a beautiful, prosperous spring. I look forward to an abundance of prosperity stories–more than will fit on this page.
Much love and blessings to you,
Barbara Thorp, LUT

February 28, 2017

Dear Prosperous ones,

It is amazing to me that a year has past since I started sending out these Properity Messages. I asked for a one-year commitment and am grateful for everyone's participation!

Prosperity is based on the conscious possession of the idea of God's abundance back of all things. Things come and go, but the idea of abundance endures. Giving in the right mental attitude creates prosperity. Giving with the fear of lack leads to poverty. Giving with the thought of a large resource opens the way for a large income.                                                    Charles Fillmore

"Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over" (Luke 6:38).

Keeper Sandra shared her prosperity story:

On Dec. 31, I created my affirmation for 2017, which is "I love my life, filled with radiant health and vibrant prosperity. Thank you God."

“On January 1st at 5:00pm my nephew from Southern California texted me and ask how I felt about Kona Hawaii in April.  

I wrote back and said he had my attention--having no idea what he meant.

Immediately he called and invited my husband and I to join him, his wife and my sister, his mother. He is paying for the house rental. It is an absolutely gorgeous house!”

Sandra shared she had just completed teaching two 4T’s prosperity classes.

Enjoy the sun in Kona, Sandra!



I give thanks for the abundance of Good in my life and the world.  I look for Good and I see it everywhere.

Please say it for yourself first, your community, our NW Unity Region, Unity World Wide Ministries and the world.

Please look carefully for the Good. I expected to have an abundance of prosperity stories from your church and you by now. 

“Living my dream means living an abundant, meaningful life.”

                                                                                                Daily Word     2-6-2017

Love & Blessings,

Barbara Thorp, LUT



January 30, 2017

Hello Dear Keepers,
It seems time has been moving very quickly. It is nice to have more daylight.
I am seeing all of you doing well. Please hold fast to our teachings, look for the Good and send your love and light out into the world. We came to do this work.
Prosperity does not mean the same thing to any two persons. Some people think of prosperity as something separate from their spiritual experience. They live in two worlds. It is not a crime to be rich or a virtue to be poor. Take God into all your affairs... The more conscious you become of the presence of the living substance the more it will manifest itself for you and the richer will be the common good of all.” - Charles Fillmore
Others must be having prosperity stories. Please share.
I have several.
I have been advised to get new tires for my Prius. After a little research I got several quotes. One was a little lower for the better tires. So I went to purchase them. The clerk asked if I needed the tires immediately and I answered no. He told me, if I waited about 6 days. The tires would be $100 off. I thanked him for his thoughtfulness and generosity. As I was driving home I gave thanks and celebrated.
Woodlands and some wetlands surround my church, Unity in Lynnwood. The property has been own by a LLC partnership. The church received an opportunity to acquire a majority percentage of the partnership in December. We were given only a few weeks to raise the necessary funds. The church exceeded its goal and was able to acquire 100% ownership of the land. It is wonderful to know buildings won’t affect our beautiful view. We are so blessed.
Remember: Prosperity is about being fully supported on our life journey.
Divine ideas flow easily. As I take action, they richly bless the world and me. I am so grateful.
Please say it for yourself first, your community, our NW Unity Region, Unity World Wide Ministries and the world.
Love & Blessings,
Barbara Thorp, LUT
December 30, 2016
Aloha to all you wondrous keepers of the Light,
Happy New Year!
May we welcome new ideas and concepts that bring forth Good for all.
Look for the Good in your life, our communities and the world. 
This clear message was given to me during prayer and meditation while I was dealing with multiple things regarding my elderly mother. Fear not I AM in charge.”  The voice was so loud and clear I thought someone was behind me.  Welcome 2017 - fear not.
I have been vacation in Hawaii with grandchildren and my daughter.
I have not received any prosperity stories this past month.  So the message will be short.
Remember: Prosperity is about being fully supported on our life journey.
Please send me stories.  So we can all celebrate.
I have great power.  As I fully own it and use it for the highest good for all, abundance is mine. 
Please say it for yourself first, your community, our NW Unity Region, Unity World Wide Ministries and the world.
Love & Blessings,
Barbara Thorp, LUT

November 30,2016

Dear Keepers of the Light,

This is the story from last month:

A friend, who has taken several prosperity classes and is practicing the principles, shared her prosperity story.

My friend knits at this store once or twice a week.  She has often helped the owner price the yarn. 

“Last week I signed up for a weaving class.  I checked with several people to see if they had a loom I could borrow. No one did.  I walked into the knitting shop where it was to be held, not knowing what I was going to use as a loom.  As I walked toward the owner of the shop, she pulled out a bag from behind the counter and said, “Here, use this loom.  Don’t pay to rent one.”

So, I took the class and forgot to pay for it because I was in a hurry.  A few days later I mentioned that I owed her for the class.  She said, “No, you do a lot for me and I don’t want to charge you for the class”.

So I thanked her and proceeded to help her put price labels on the yarn.”

My friend shared a great demonstration of giving and receiving.

Linda, a Keeper of the Light, shared how she was abundantly blessed this summer with a wonderful vacation on Alaskan waters with friends on their beautiful boat.  She was “up close and personal” with amazing glaciers.  Saw whales, sea otters, eagles, mountain goats, sea lions, puffins, seals, dolphins, wolves and bears. She was inspired and uplifted by the landscape and beauty all around.  “This was a transformational adventure!”

She told me this is a true prosperity story – so enriching in so many ways.

Please share your prosperity stories.


I give and receive Love with an open heart.  My Love makes a difference. It enriches all.  I rejoice and give thanks.


We are constantly speaking all kinds of words, thinking all kinds of words.  Why not make them wonderful words of life!  Then we shall feel wonderful, and we shall stay that way!
                                                            from “Fear Not” by Martha Smock


Enjoy the season, spend time in the dark to connect with the Light that you are.

Love & Blessings,

Barbara Thorp, LUT

October 31, 2016
I am the energy of God in the world.  I use my powers for Good and am so blessed.
September 30, 2016
Dear Keepers of the Light,
The NW Regional Annual conference was held about a week ago at Menucha in Corbett, OR. The Keepers in the Light group has been blessed with eight new people that signed-up at the conference. Abundance is ours. Thank you for our growing circle of prosperity consciousness. We met the new CEO of Unity World Headquarters, Jim Blake. Donna Johnson, CEO of Unity Worldwide Ministries attended and informed us of the UWM move to Unity Village next Fall. Both leaders are outstanding in my mind and I see our movement flourishing under their leadership, prayers, and consciousness.
Our NW region’s Unity Worldwide Ministries representative, Tim Alderman was present at Menucha and told me he would be sharing the Keepers program with his Chaplains soon.
The conference was well attended with excellent programs and music. The Treasurer shared with me that the love offering at the conference was the highest of any know to the board. Thank you for another prosperous demonstration. WE are all so blessed.
I am sharing my wondrous blessed, prosperous experience of yesterday. While in the drive-thru line at Starbucks, I dropped something on the car floor that I needed.  I set the car brake and proceeded to pick up the object. The car rolled forward and hit the back of the car in front of me. I turned off the motor, got out of the car as the other drive did. I apologized to her and told her what I had done.  She asked me to back-up to assess her car better. After the assessment she said, “You hit the right person today. The scratches are nothing compared to the dent my teenage son did on the side of the car. Have a good day and the scratches on your car are so minor your husband won’t even notice.”  I thanked her and gave her a hug. Back in my car I gave thanks and sent blessings to her. When I got to the drive-thru window, I was told, the lady before you really wants you to have a nice day and she bought your drink.
Double blessings with a tall non-fat no foam latte.
Please share your stories and successes large and small.
“We are beloved of God. Our own comes to us under divine law. God’s law of justice and harmony is always at work in all situations.” -- Martha Smock, in Fear Not 
I am in the flow of Divine substance. Good flows into my life now. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
 (Please say for yourself, your church, our region, Unity Worldwide Ministries and the world.)
Much love and abundant blessings,
Barbara Thorp, LUT
August 31, 2016
Dear Ones,
Happy September!  It is hard for me to believe that Fall is almost upon us. It is a time of great abundance in nature. Hay has been cut for Winter-feed.  Apples are to be harvested soon. Local gardens are overflowing with crops. What is abundant in your life? What is overflowing? Reflect on it a moment and give thanks.
I didn’t receive any prosperity stories. I heard a few via the grapevine. They will wait until I hear them from the source. Please share your prosperity stories.
Remember Prosperity is about being fully supported on your life journey. How have you been supported?
Rev Donna Johnson CEO at Unity Worldwide Ministries wrote in the July path article:
“As important as hope is, it doesn’t accomplish much on its own other than intensifying the heart’s desire. For me, the maturation of hope leads to the state of being characterized by faith. Charles Fillmore defined faith as, “the perceiving power of the mind linked with the ability to shape substance,” and the Apostle Paul defined faith as, “the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen.” Whereas hope deals in possibility, faith’s domain knows the possibility can manifest. So we step into a stronger energy field when we build on the hope we have and call our desires into manifestation through faith.
But still, there is a greater degree of experiencing and expressing the power within us that emerges when we decree a thing to be so. Our power to decree is more than just the spoken word. With decree, we step into the energy field of “it is done” and, with spiritual power and authority, we live from that vibration.”
Let us step out in that kind of Faith, living the Truth of our principles.
Charles Fillmore in his book Prosperity stated:
"No particular affirmation will raise anyone from poverty to affluence. Yet all affirmations that carry ideas of abundance will lead one into the consciousness that fulfills the law. Deny that lack has any place or reality in your thought or your affairs and affirm plenty as the only appearance."
I am a conduit for Good in the world. It comes to me in many forms. I am so blessed.  (Conduit: a means of transmitting or distributing.  Merriam-Webster Dictionary)
Much love,
Barbara Thorp, LUT
July 31, 2016
Dear Prosperous Ones,
Janet wrote:
“I especially appreciated this sentence in your email: Prosperity is about being fully supported on your life journey.  For the past eight weeks, I took a guided autobiography class. It was amazing. Of course Unity and spiritual growth and practices showed up in my writing which were interesting to people. One thing I wrote was on prosperity; it was short as we could write only 1,000 words each week on our topic. Even so, there were positive murmurs. It was: I took a prosperity workshop and learned that prosperity isn’t just about money; it is an attitude that there is good for me in my life. I was writing about the time when I just started Unity in 1977, when I was ending an extremely difficult marriage, was severely depressed, and was finding it difficult just to get up each day and to see any good in myself. So to gain that understanding at that time was certainly a gift. It also is a gift to look back and see how far I have come.”
Unity Church in Lynnwood’s Spiritual Leader wrote:
“Under the leadership of its board Treasurer, Unity in Lynnwood recently completed its second refinance within four years.  UIL gives thanks for reduced debt, for reduced monthly payments and for the beautiful and growing ensemble of souls who gather to celebrate God’s goodness in our lives!  We are blessed.”
All prosperity stories are told with the permission of the author.  Keep your stories coming.  So much Good comes into our lives, let’s celebrate it.
I recently read in The Hero Within by Carol Pearson   Chapter 5 Generosity: The Altruist
“If the giving and receiving happen with no blocking, then both receive more than they give – because the process intensifies and enriches the energy exchanged.”
“…what a blessing it is to be alive.  It also means giving up the notion of scarcity–that there is not enough to go around and that I am not enough, you are not enough, and the world is not enough. In accepting life, we can believe that plenty of love, goods and room are available to make us happy.”
I give thanks that I am in the flow of Divine Circulation.  I give and receive my Good with Joy.  There is plenty for all.
Much love,
Barbara Thorp, LUT

June 30, 2016

Dear Keepers of the Light,

I was abundantly blessed at the Unity Worldwide People's Convention in Kansas City. I traveled with a group from Unity Church in Lynnwood.  We had great fun together.  Spent the first night at Unity Village, which was such a treat and blessing for me.  I gave an evening tour of The Village.  We meditated as a group in Myrtle’s Grove. WOW! The convention workshops I attended were excellent.  Richard and Matthew treated us to Kansas City barbeque–delicious.  

At the NW Region meeting we were introduced to our Unity Worldwide Ministries representative, the past president of the Board Tim Alderman from Austin, Texas.

At the meetin,g with permission, I gave a little pitch for the Keepers of the Light program.
After the meeting Tim came up to me and asked to join the program.  What a uplifting and prospering moment for me! We are growing from Washington to Oregon to Montana to California to Texas, how our circle grows. Please share your stories and successes large and small.

“We live in a very sea of inexhaustible substance, ready to come into manifestation when molded by our thought.”

“With every thought and word we are increasing or diminishing the activity of substance.  The resulting manifestation conforms to our thought.”

                                Charles Fillmore

“Have a bigger dream not to just pay the churches bills.”
                                Edwene Gaines



Affirmation for July:
(Please say for yourself, your church, our region, Unity Worldwide Ministries and the world.)

Prosperity is about being fully supported on your life journey.

Much love and abundant blessings,
Barbara Thorp, LUT


Live everyday in the joyful, quiet expectation of Good

May 31, 2016

Dear Keepers of the Light,

I have a correction from last month. We have 20 Keepers at present representing 14 (not 17) churches in our regional and 2 Unity churches in California. My desire is at least one representative from each church in our region.

A message from Myrtle Fillmore:

My Faith
I do not believe in evil. I believe in Good.
I do not believe in sin. I believe in Truth.
I do not believe in want. I believe in Abundance.
I do not believe in death. I believe in Life.
I do not believe in ignorance. I believe in Intelligence.
There is no discord in my Being. Being is Peace.
My faith, understanding and love are becoming one.
“What therefore, God hath joined together
Let no man put asunder.”

Myrtle Fillmore, 1897

Here is a good prosperity story from Unity Church in Lynnwood:
An anonymous church member has offered to match all tithes and love offering on one Sunday near the church anniversary.  This is the fourth year.  This year $37,171.00 dollars was raised.  Dr. Richard Held said, “May this information be a blessing.”  There is an administrative structure around the event, which he is happy to share.

I loved the celebration around this event.  Celebrating the churches anniversary and the abundance of the event. The totals were announced during the social after church as it was counted maybe every 10 minutes.  Much celebration happened as the total grew.

A concert was held for a love offering the following Monday. There was a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream truck with free ice cream for all attendees.  The ice cream social was before the concert. The final amount was announced at the concert.

Let’s celebrate our successes and give thanks.

Please share your stories and successes large and small.



I joyfully give and receive from the abundant supply of Spirit.  My source is limitless.
(Please say for yourself, your church, our region, Unity Worldwide Ministries and the world.)

Thank you, have a prosperous month.

Much love and abundant blessings,

Barbara Thorp, LUT


April 30th, 2016

Dear Keepers of the Light,

My own abundance story, I desired a book by Ernest Wilson.  Had not looked for it, just put it out to the universe.  Someone contacted me regarding many books her mother had.  Among those books was the Ernest Wilson book.  I received many books written by early Unity and New thought writers.  What a blessing!

I have been reading How I Used Truth by H. Emelie Cady and thought to share some of the quotes:

We are always one with God, but we do not always consciously realize it.

Can you not see that this same indwelling God who is your holiness and your health is also your sustenance and support?

God as our supply is infinitely more than God as our supplier; God is the Giver and the gift.

This Divine Substance – call it God, creative energy, (Spirit, Truth) or whatever you will – is ever abiding within us and stands ready today to manifest itself in whatever form you and I need or wish to manifest….

Be still and know. Be still and trust. Be still and expect.

From the smallest thing of our everyday life to the rolling away of the largest stone of difficulty from our path, this Presence will deliver us.  But its working depends on our trusting, and trusting means getting still inside.

There is not God and – a body.

There is not God and – circumstance.

There is not God and – any sort of trouble.

There is only God through all things.

Just waiting as invisible Spirit substance for us to recognize and acknowledge God and God only, in order to become visible.

Now Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, conviction of things not seen.                         Hebrews 11:1


Prosperity is about being fully supported on our life journey.


Barb from Unity in Yakima shares her prosperity story.

My prosperity comes in a most unexpected form:

I had to have a minor procedure at our local hospital, but I am horribly claustrophobic so I was quite distressed at the very thought of this.

As I was walking down the corridor to my appointment I happened upon one of my church friends who was there with some other friends of hers. We greeted each other and exchanged pleasantries.  Then right there, in the middle of the main corridor of the local hospital in the middle of the day, amidst all the people bustling about we held hands and my friend lifted me up in prayer.  I felt the spiritual calmness wash over me as I thanked her and went to my appointment which I handled with ease and grace.  God is indeed good all the time.


Thank you for committing to be part of the Keepers program.  There are 19 of us representing 17 churches and our region as well as two from California.

My dream is for every Unity church in our region to have a representative.


Affirmation for May:

(Please say for yourself, your church, your region, our association and the world daily.)

Please share your prosperity stories.

Call or write with questions or stories.

Thank you, have a wonderful prosperous month.

Abundant Blessings,

Barbara Thorp, LUT


March 31st, 2016

Dear Keepers of the Light,
It seems spring has finally arrived.  The much-appreciated sun is shining bright and the earth has brought forth blooms of every kind. Take some time to see the abundance that is all around.
Myrtle Fillmore wrote:
Every visible item of wealth in the world today can be traced to its invisible source.
The physical substance, which we call the earth, is the visible form of the spiritual Substance that pervades all things.
The word is the seed. The word is dropped into the spiritual Substance.  It germinates. It grows. It brings forth after its kind.
It is important to pay attention to the words we say, so we only plant seeds of plenty and abundance.  We are enriched and our world is enriched.
The Spiritual Substance out of which visible wealth comes is never depleted. Always willing to give. You are to give thanks for every blessing that you gain.
Thank you for committing to be part of the Keepers program. There are 15 of us.  
My dream is for every Unity church in our region to have a representative.
(Please say for yourself, your church, your region, our association and the world daily.)
Please share your prosperity stories.
Abundant Blessings, Barbara Thorp, LUT
February 29th, 2016
Dear Keepers of the Light,
We begin this Leap day.  One definition of leap in the dictionary is a sudden and decisive increase.  This leap day we agree to increase our abundance by affirming and practicing our principle of thoughts (and words) held in mind produce after their kind.
I am so grateful to Rev. Georgie Richardson.  She started this program and practice in 2004.  It ended when she had lots to do at her church with the Thriving Churches program in Fall of 2008.  I joined the program several months before it ended.  The program touched my heart.  Our churches and region were doing well at the time.
It is time to raise our consciousness and live this abundance again.
"Do not confuse the source with the channels.  All mankind and all circumstances are possible channels for God's blessing to you.  There are many channels, but there is only one source.  That source is God.  Look to God (Spirit).  You dissipate your faith when you fasten it upon channels as if they were the source." - Ernest Wilson in The Great Physician
Thank you for committing to be part of the Keepers program.  There are 12 of us.  There were 12 disciples.  The number twelve represents Spiritual fulfillment. 
My dream is for every Unity church in our region to have a representative.
This is the first affirmation I received from Rev. Georgie:
(Please say for yourself, your church, your region, our association and the world daily.)
Then give thanks for all the different ways prosperity is showing up in our lives, churches and the world. This is a one year commitment with the opportunity to renew each March.
I would love for you to submit prosperity stories from you church especially those that come after we restart this powerful practice.  Tell me how you received this prosperity and how your community celebrated receiving it. We can all learn from our stories of abundance.  I'll include them in the monthly e-mail.
Abundant Blessings,   Barbara Thorp, LUT