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Conscious Intentions

Northwest Next Generation of Unity

Conscious Intentions

In order to promote a safe and spirit-centered environment for everyone the following group intentions have been developed. Please join the planning team in this consciousness by reading these intentions and holding them for everyone. If you have any questions or would like clarification on any of these items please use the contact form below and to the right.

  1. I agree that if I choose to smoke cigarettes, I will do so only in approved areas and not during scheduled activities. If I smoke, I will do so away from buildings and make sure that I dispose of cigarette butts properly.
  2. I agree not to use profane or vulgar language during the retreat. I am making an effort to maintain a peaceful consciousness.
  3. During scheduled activities I will stay focused and centered. If I have trouble doing so, I agree not to interrupt anyone else’s experience.
  4. To maintain a Spirit-focused state of mind, I will not partake in any illegal drugs or alcohol during the weekend or in transition to and from the event.
  5. Everyone in attendance is whole and divine. I acknowledge this and I agree to refrain from inappropriate contact and behavior.
  6. I agree to be open to the experiences offered at this retreat and to be respectful of all people, property and activities.
  7. I agree that while this is a love filled weekend I will keep that love friendly in nature, not romantic. To help maintain a safe environment and a spiritual atmosphere I will refrain from any touching and/or subject matter that might make others uncomfortable. I will save any romantic expressions until after the event has concluded.
  8. I will keep my bathing suit areas covered while in public areas.


Thank you for supporting the consciousness of this event!